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Leaked Warzone item could let you zoom in without a sniper

Published: 18/Jun/2020 16:35

by Jacob Hale


A new leaked Warzone item could be hugely beneficial to players who love long-range gunfights, as they would let you see over long distances without the need for a sniper.

Currently, in Warzone, to be able to see over a long distance you will need to carry a sniper rifle, giving you the ability to scout out areas before you run into them or pick off enemies from a far distance.

The main issue with sniping in Warzone, however, is the glint. When using a sniper, as soon as you scope in, the end of your barrel emits a little glint of light that is visible to anybody that looks in your direction.


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warzone sniper in Airport Tower
This could be the perfect solution if you’re sick of the sniper glint giving you away.

New scope item in Warzone?

Obviously, this can be an issue if you’re trying to play stealthily, alerting enemy players to your position and giving them time to prepare for a gunfight.

According to a new leak from Geeky Pastimes, though, that might not be the case forever.

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In a series of tweets, in which he details some of the interesting bits he has found in the game’s files and data, a spotter scope or binoculars might be coming to Warzone.

Among other things, he says that you can use these items “to see a long way with no glint,” which will be particularly helpful for those looking to travel a long distance but want to know what they’re getting themselves into.


He also says that there’s a hyena and a white dog execution coming to the game (the latter has already arrived in the form of the ‘Sasquatch’ finishing move), as well as the recon drone’s ability to hack things.

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In a later tweet, Geeky Pastimes clarified that it could be possible instead that the recon drone itself is hackable, but this won’t be clear if and when it finally arrives in the game.

The spotter scope or binoculars, though, are the main points of interest here, and could be a complete game-changer if they actually arrive in Warzone, especially if you want the advantages of carrying a sniper but prefer to carry two different weapons. In fact, this is something certain Warzone players have been asking for for some time.


This came at the same time that Geeky Pastime also shared some other huge leaks, including the possibility of an in-game event occurring and, perhaps, Stadium finally opening up for players.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens throughout Season 4, but if all of this occurs, then Warzone players are in for a treat.