Leaked gameplay of MW2 shotgun coming to Warzone & Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward

Gameplay footage of the AA-12 shotgun in Modern Warfare has leaked online, offering players a first look at the vintage shotgun that could be coming in Season 6, courtesy of prominent leaker BKTOOR.

Modern Warfare 2 was well-known for its selection of shotguns. Between the Model 1887’s insane pre-patch range and the Spas-12’s legendary one-hit-kill potential, the shotguns in the game are some of the most iconic within the franchise’s history.

One such weapon was the AA-12. While the damage wasn’t anything to write home about, it was the only fully-automatic shotgun in the game, meaning you could just hold down the trigger and destroy someone in a mere matter of seconds.

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Now, it appears that the AA-12 is set to make a triumphant return to the series, as known CoD leaker BKTOOR has released footage of an unfinished build of it within Modern Warfare.

The footage itself is relatively short and simple. Like most unfinished guns in Modern Warfare that get leaked early, there’s a lot of details missing from it.

For starters, it doesn’t appear to have a reload sound attached to it currently. In addition, the weapon doesn’t properly fit into the players hand and seems to be clipping through it in the footage provided, meaning this could be a very early version of the weapon.

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Regardless, players are able to see how it handles when it fires and, unlike the original MW2 version, it seems to have an insane amount of recoil. Of course, this could all change when the weapon is actually released, but right now, it seems to kick like a mule.

Infinity WardThe AA-12 shotgun as it appeared in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

The sudden appearance of this leaked gameplay does raise some questions as to when Infinity Ward plan on releasing AA-12 in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

There’s only one season of MW left, Season 6, and it will most likely feature two new weapons released at the start, but the fact that this shotgun still looks so early in its development makes it hard to imagine it’ll roll out so soon.

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That said, this footage could be outdated and old, which could mean that the devs have already finished developing the gun and it’s ready to go out.

Infinity WardThe R700 sniper rifle was also leaked in Modern Warfare and Warzone ahead of Season 6.

As for what it could be paired with at the start of S6, BKTOOR previously also leaked gameplay of the R700 sniper rifle from CoD4, the original Modern Warfare. As things stand, those two weapons could be what IW drop at the start of next season.