LA Thieves can fix their CDL season with one change

La Thieves Reverse Sweep Enable Pacman Katie
LA Thieves are brimming with talent, but they failed to meet the expectations of many during CDL’s Stage 1. Katie Bedford, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt & Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker discuss the one change that could unlock their full potential on Reverse Sweep.
While the Thieves are undoubtedly talented and able to hold their own, Pacman believes that “they kind of suck for what they should be, and you’re not gonna look at their roster and tell me that 5th/6ths acceptable…”
This is exemplified by their quick 3-0 loss to LA Guerrillas at the Major. For Enable, this just goes back to the fundamentals of the team.
“There are times when they have the complete advantage in the scenario and they throw their lives away… When you watch LA Thieves, 30% of the time, they make the smart play, but the other 70%, they’re challenging off headies, pushing where they could just be playing a corner.”
The issue seems to stem from the team starting off quickly, but losing their way towards the end of a match and slipping off of their game plan.
When it comes down to the wire, though, the one change the team needs to make is to come around to Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat’s style of play. Austin has an insatiable desire to win and will do what it takes to get there, reacting accordingly to what’s around him — and the rest of the team needs to be on the same page.

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