JGOD worried CoD Vanguard will be dominated by “passive and campy playstyle”

JGOD worried CoD Vanguard will be dominated by "passive and campy playstyle"Activision / JGOD

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the next title in the franchise and players are excited about the new game. While playing the beta, content creator JGOD is worried that low TTKs Vanguard will be dominated by campers and slow playstyles. 

The CoD Vanguard beta is now live for all players to jump in and try out the game, all you need is a beta code.

With many different maps and game modes, players are getting a good feel for how this CoD’s Multiplayer will play out.

While most of the weapons have an extremely low TTK it changing the way the game is played. CoD guru JGOD is concerned this will entice players to camp and play slower than usual.

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JGOD thinks Vanguard will be run by campers and slow playstyle

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In his latest YouTube video, JGOD breaks down his thoughts so far from the two weekends of the Vanguard Beta.

While he does point out positives to the game, he mentions a huge problem he thinks will limit the way people can play. With very low TTKs he thinks it will be extremely hard to run and gun people.

JGOD said the sprint to fire time “is ridiculously slow” making players want to pre-aim an angle and gun anyone who is trying to move forward.

He does bring up an idea to help fix this issue. JGOD suggested that they raise the base health from 100 up to 125 or 150. He thinks this will help balance weapons and change playstyles.

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While it’s just the beta things could change but he notes that major changes like the amount of health never happens once the game is released in its alpha or beta stage.

Although, he does say that the aggressive playstyle can still work because of the TTK. Since people die really fast better players could be able to play the run-and-gun style but it can be very inconsistent.