CoD Vanguard players can’t tell players apart & want return of MW19’s faction system

Jaret Kappelman
Vanguard gameplay

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta is live and players are jumping straight into the action. With access to different Multiplayer maps and modes, players are struggling to realize who is and isn’t on their team and want Modern Warfare’s faction system to return.

Players can access the beta by preordering the game or getting a beta code. This will allow you to take part in the game and give some feedback.

Sledgehammer Games has been updating their game, listening to feedback from players who are grinding.

However, players are really confused as they haven’t addressed an issue that is making it hard to tell who is who.

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Players are having issues figuring out who is who in Vanguard.

Vanguard players want Modern Warfare factions to return

While it is just the beta that players have access to, some are noticing a huge issue. It is nearly impossible to tell which people are teammates and which are enemies.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘KiraElijah’ shows off a nice sniper clip, but the big issue is that this person is standing right next to the enemies and no one realizes it.

One player went on to comment that is extremely hard to see the red dot above enemies and they are constantly running right next to each other without realizing it.

This issue could be solved with the return of factions. In Modern Warfare even though there could be the same operators in a game, each had a specific look based on which team they were playing for.

MW Factions
Modern Warfare had factions that would make it easier to tell who was who.

As seen in the picture above the operators appear different based on what team they are playing for. Also, in Modern Warfare, the operators would have a different look based on what primary weapon a player was using.

While the current beta has only six operator skins available, players are really pushing for uniforms to be added to make it easier to spot a friend or a foe.