JGOD explains why “stale” Warzone 2 is driving more players away in Season 2 than ever before

YouTube: JGOD

Season 2 Reloaded failed to impress Warzone 2 YouTuber JGOD, and he explained why the current experience is driving players away.

Season 2 Reloaded started on March 15 in Warzone 2. The update finally nerfed the overpowered KV Broadside shotgun, removed bomb drones, and added every playlist option to Ashika Island.

Though the mid-season update didn’t make any significant gameplay changes, and JGOD explained why Warzone 2 won’t return to its dominance until the developers massively shake up the battle royale’s formula.

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JGOD slams current state of Warzone 2

Warzone 2 visibility sniperActivison
Warzone Season 2 Reloaded rebalanced the game’s meta and removed AI enemies from Ashika Island.

JGOD praised Season 2 Reloaded for improving audio and adding the St. Patricks Day-themed event but urged the developers to continue their commitment to both areas of the game.

However, the YouTuber had plenty of negative feedback to give Warzone 2, post mid-season update.

He argued Warzone 2 is “severely lacking” in replayability because “it has a very simplistic and rudimentary gameplay loop.”

A typical game has a player loot, complete a Stronghold and Black Site, and then sit and wait in the circle for enemies to push in.

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JGOD believes there is not enough incentivization for squads to get aggressive, and gameplay mechanics make it even more challenging for players to deviate from the norm.

“Since there are so many penalties for moving and TTK is as fast as it is, you can pretty much catch anyone.”

“All of those variables tied together, you end up with a scenario where the game is just not a great space to play in, and that’s unfortunate, and that’s maybe why people walked away.”

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As for Warzone 2’s meta, JGOD argued most players use the ISO Hemlock or a few other weapons, but there isn’t much room for variation.

JGOD remains optimistic for Season 3, as the developers teased movement and TTK changes, and one-shot sniping is returning.

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