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Infinity Ward respond to complaints about slow Warzone matchmaking

Published: 5/May/2020 10:15

by David Purcell


Call of Duty Warzone developers Infinity Ward have finally responded to complaints about the long matchmaking process in-game, confirming that a fix is on the way. 

Now, that’s not the first time that players of the popular battle royale game will have heard about a potential resolution, either. Following previous complains about waiting times in the menus, fixes have been mentioned before.

In fact, back on May 1 it was noted by Activision Support that the issue had finally been addressed, although what players were seeing in-game was more of the same in terms of long queues – leading to further frustration.


It’s taking too long for some players to jump into Call of Duty Warzone, but we now know devs are working to speed things up.

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Days later, following persistent matchmaking issues in Warzone, one member of the community reached out to Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer.

Twitter user Guy Chandler said: “Is a fix for this one the way? Been stuck on this for about 10 mins now,” along with a clip of the problem. “You guys claimed you fixed it but that clearly wasn’t the case. Hope you get this fixed sooner than later.”

Not long after, Cecot came back to him with what will be a positive response for fans. “Problem identified. Working on a fix,” he said.


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Players now have confirmation that the dev team is working on a solution, and hopefully, it won’t take long for the fix to roll out in a future update. Cecot, however, didn’t put a timeframe on when we can expect to see things change in Warzone.

This isn’t the only bug to have been noted of late, either, with some experiencing in-game voice chat problems as well. This, too, has been identified as a work in progress where a fix is concerned – according to the game’s Trello board. 

With Infinity Ward rolling out weekly updates for Modern Warfare, we could expect to see both issues resolved shortly and when they are, we’ll be the first to let you know.