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Infinity Ward respond to bizarre Warzone Superstore money glitch

Published: 31/Aug/2020 10:06

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare devs have responded to a bizarre Warzone glitch that is giving players unlimited stacks cash inside of Superstore. 

Since it launched back in March, Warzone has been a huge success for Call of Duty – with new players flocking to the unique battle royale for a taste of what Verdansk has to offer. 

Despite the immense success, it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for Warzone. Players have had games completely ruined by the demon gun glitch, found themselves being able to ‘wallhack’ because buildings haven’t loaded, and even been tossed into the Gulag without even fighting an enemy. 

In recent days, though, players who decide to start off at Superstore have been getting a helping hand from the game as they’ve been able to pick up ridiculous stacks of cash. 

Superstore outside shot from Warzone
Superstore is a hugely popular drop spot for players who want to rack up early kills.

If you haven’t dropped into Superstore, what’s been happening is that players have been able to pick up the Plunder duffle bags of cash instead of the usual stacks that they’d find in Warzone. 

For some reason, this only happens at Superstore and players can end up with more money than they’ll ever need for a normal Warzone game – meaning they can stock up on killstreaks, loadout drops, and more. 

The devs have taken note of this bug by opening a ticket and having it labeled as ‘in progress’ on their public Trello board which means that they’re attempting to find a fix. 

Screenshot of a Trello page
Screenshot via Trello
The Devs labeled their response to the bug as being ‘in progress’ on Trello.

Given that the money being found at Superstore is in the same bags as Plunder, it seems as if a loose bit of code has wriggled free and crossed the streams, so it might not be that long of a wait until Infinity Ward fixes it. 

Until then, Superstore is likely to be an even hotter drop than usual as players try to scoop up the duffle bags of cash, so you might want to leave it alone.

Call of Duty

2021 CDL Challengers info announced: Scouting & Elite Series

Published: 30/Oct/2020 17:42

by Bill Cooney


The Call of Duty League has announced all-new details for upcoming 2021 Challengers events, and there will be even more ways for up and coming players to show their stuff.

Call of Duty Challengers is the official “path to pro” circuit for amateur CoD esports players around the world, and there are two brand new events being added to the circuit in 2021 – the Scouting Series and Challengers Elite.

The Scouting Series will begin in December of 2020, and it will have CDL coaches draft their own squads from one big pool of all the players that secure an invite. These teams will be split up into EU and NA competitions and will play against teams from their region over the course of the four-day tournament.

Challengers Elite is the second new event, and will put the top amateur teams from Challengers into an exclusive bracket to battle it out, sometime “over the course of the 2021 Season.”

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