Infinity Ward drops Modern Warfare event teaser in May 19 patch notes

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward subtly teased a new event in the latest Modern Warfare and Warzone patch notes, potentially hinting at a major Season 4 development.

As Warzone enters its third month and Modern Warfare gears up for the next major update, Infinity Ward has begun to tease what’s in the pipeline.

The latest set of patch notes delivered on May 18 left a subtle line of text at the very end. While the teasers have only just begun, let’s try to put the pieces together on what it could all mean.

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Infinity Ward
The partially redacted line of text could be teasing quite a few things.

Could the teaser be hinting at Warzone’s future?

We’re still early into the lifecycle of Infinity Ward’s battle royale hit, yet drastic changes could already be on the horizon. With the Dam slowly leaking, and new playable areas leaked already, it seems certain a map change is on the way.

Three redacted words in the new line of text could reveal what’s next for Verdansk. Perhaps some kind of explosive ordinance is what’s being obscured for now. “

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A homing strike of sorts would definitely be one way to bring about drastic map changes. Maybe an airstrike targets the Dam and washes away old sections of the Verdansk map… only time will tell.

What could it mean for Modern Warfare Season 4?

Players have already been privy to upcoming weapons in Modern Warfare’s next season, but each update brings about much more than that. From new maps to Operators, this teaser could be hinting at Season 4’s narrative direction.

Season 3’s cinematic united Ghost and Alex as they recapture Rust from enemy forces. Infinity Ward could be teasing the introduction of another playable character with this line of text.

Maybe a major Modern Warfare villain is setting up for a return with a bang, the possibilities are wide open. This could pave the way for a new Operator as our Season 3 heroes come toe to toe with a familiar foe.

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Infinity Ward
Alex was introduced to Ghost in Season 3’s opening cinematic.

There’s no telling exactly what Infinity Ward has planned for their hugely popular battle royale, nor the record-setting Modern Warfare. Though it’s clear that something massive is right around the corner.

Season 4 is expected to kick off on Wednesday, June 3. Keep your eyes peeled as Infinity Ward continues to release new easter eggs in the lead-up.

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