Swagg & JoeWo want Warzone 2 to “get rid” of controversial Gulag changes

Warzone 2 new Gulag with logoActivision

Warzone streamers Swagg and JoeWo have doubled down on their demands that Warzone 2’s developers “get rid of” the changes to the Gulag, which have been largely unpopular since launch.

When Warzone 2 launched, players were naturally curious to see how Infinity Ward would follow-up the resounding success of the first battle royale. 

Much of it did indeed stay the same, like the in-game currency, looting and parachuting. However, changes were made to certain aspects of the game. 

Specifically, the Gulag was overhauled from the first Warzone. Where it saw players dropped into a 1v1 on elimination to fight for their right to drop back in, Warzone 2’s Gulag is a 2v2. 

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Players are placed alongside a random teammate and, if the match is not settled promptly, the Jailer makes their way into the arena to speed things up. 

Warzone 2 streamers demand Gulag 2v2 changes

Swagg has been among those to criticize the changes in the past and, in a January 3 tweet, doubled down on his position. 

He simply tweeted: “Please, get rid of the f**king 2v2 Gulag”.

Other Warzone creators chimed in to agree, with JoeWo among those to echo his criticism. 

He used the popular Ghost meme from Modern Warfare 2, saying: “Me looking to my left seeing “DeerHunner5506420” and fighting “Itachi” and “Killua” knowing he’s getting torched instantly.”

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In short, players continue to feel that the new Gulag has needlessly changed one of the most beloved aspects of the original Warzone. 

Where players were solely responsible for their ability to respawn, it now comes down to a random teammate. If the teammate dies, players are left in a 1v2 with the odds stacked against them. If the Jailer gets involved, it could even be a 1v3. 

Warzone 2’s devs have not responded publicly to the complaints but, with more and more players seemingly in favor of a reversion to a 1v1, they may become too loud to ignore.

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