How to get hidden Black Ops Cold War Season 5 calling card

Cold War Weaver skinTreyarch/Activision

Black Ops Cold War developer Treyarch has been known to get up to some tricks when delivering new content. Thankfully, collecting the Cold War Season 5 calling card isn’t difficult at all. 

The Call of Duty series is notorious for creatively engaging with its fans. Whether it’s sending out cryptic tweets and messages to promote a new game, or even something as simple as releasing a hidden in-game item, they never seem to run out of ways to tease the fan base.

This particular code came in the form of a post on the official Call of Duty Instagram account.

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How to redeem calling card

Treyarch/Call of Duty
Call of Duty continues to be cheeky in its promotional material.

As with any in-game item, you’ll need to head to the redeem section on the Call of Duty website. Once you’re there, pop in the code VZ5Y-KJ4CO-ECJ4 to be rewarded for your effort. You may need to restart your game before the card shows up in your in-game inventory.

This particular code was intended to line up with the release of the new Double Agent mode – a game type similar to Among Us or Town of Salem – and was included as part of a video package promoting the rules of this new mode. There are a handful of other redeemable codes floating around the internet though.

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Where to find other codes

While there’s no specific hub to find every code that the developers release, there are several forums where fans have compiled a list of codes for players to redeem.

Here are a few codes gathered from the Free Game Findings Reddit that are still active.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 calling card codes

  1. GZ28T7TY5L618 : 5x Doritos Promotion Pack
  2. X5VCM8QW34170 : Doritos Charm and Dew Emblem
  3. DGKDVHQ11S2Z4 : “ANOTHER PAWN DOWN” Calling Card
  4. SX4G-73D55-RNJ7 : “NOT JUST A THEORY” Calling Card
  5. 6679-S2JL9-55WB : “SHALL WE PLAY?” Calling Card

If this year’s Cold War and Warzone integration event was anything to judge by, the cryptic messages will only be ramping up from here as we draw closer to the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

While this may be insignificant in comparison, it shows a commitment to finding fun ways to engage with the community at large.

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