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How to have 10 perfect loadouts ready in Warzone

Published: 26/Sep/2020 13:22

by Joe Craven


The future of Call of Duty: Warzone looks very bright, but what are the best ways to organize your classes so you’re prepared for every eventuality? Here, we break down how to get 10 perfect loadouts for your next Warzone match. 

One of the many aspects of Warzone that has made it so popular is its incorporation of Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith system, allowing extensive class customization depending on your preferences and play-style.

However, with such freedom comes a lot of difficult decisions, especially with perks and other options. But what are the best ways to split up your ten classes, with perks, weapons and equipment?


Here, we break down some basic tips for forming basic classes, allowing you to prepare for any eventuality.

Season Six promo for Warzone
Season Six launches on September 29, and will be the final season of Modern Warfare’s life cycle.

Ghost and Overkill in Warzone

Our first tip is to have 3/4 classes with the Ghost perk equipped, and another 3/4 with Overkill equipped. Overkill will allow you to use two primary weapons, while Ghost will hide you from enemy UAVs and radars.

Having a few classes with each of these perks will allow you to essentially use both, provided you have access to two Loadout Drops as the game goes on.

In the first Loadout Drop, pick a class with whichever perk you feel is more appropriate for the situation you’re in. For example, if you’re in a busy location with enemies around you, you’re best getting Ghost to hide you, and you can get an Overkill class later in the game.


Our final tip in this regard is to learn which classes have which perks. For example, make classes 1 to 4 Ghost classes, and make 5 to 8 Overkill. This will save you time when searching for classes in a Loadout Drop.

Loadout Drops in Call of Duty: Warzone
Infinity Ward
Loadout Drops enable you to equip perks.

SMG vs AR vs LMG vs Sniper

With the Bruen and Grau having been comprehensively nerfed, Warzone’s weapon pool is fairly balanced at the moment. We’d recommend mixing up your weapon choices, to allow variety and choice when calling in a Loadout Drop.

When it comes to your Ghost classes, don’t pick a sniper. If you only have one primary and it’s a sniper, you’ll get killed at most ranges. With Overkill classes though, vary your combinations. Get an SMG and AR class, an AR and sniper class, and a couple of others.


This way, you can pick your class depending on the game you’re in. If your later circles are in smaller, tight POI like Storage Town, go for the SMG and AR mix. If it’s in an open area with long lines of sight, pick the AR and sniper mix.

Overkill perk
Activision / Infinity Ward
Equipping two primary weapons was always going to be a popular choice.

Fully Loaded?

You’ll also want a couple of classes with Fully Loaded on. If you’re spawning back in and have access to a Loadout Drop, there’s nothing worse than picking up a seriously strong weapon and not having any bullets to go with it.

Add it to one or two of your loadouts and you’ll be sorted for ammo when you drop back in. Bear in mind that it’s a weapon perk though, so it’s found in the weapon customization area of your classes.


There you have it! Those are our basic tips for devising Warzone classes for all situations. If you’re still struggling, check out our other Warzone guides on which guns, attachments and perks you should be using in your other slots!