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How to complete Warzone’s Old Wounds Intel Mission

Published: 28/Aug/2020 14:58

by Connor Bennett


Looking to complete the all-new Old Wounds intel mission in Call of Duty: Warzone? Here’s everything you need to know including the different locations to explore.

While Warzone follows the typical battle royale formula of drop, loot, get eliminations, and survive to the end, the developers have added a few twists of their own to break the mold a little. 

You can get contracts during games that will help you gain more cash which can be used to respawn teammates, buy better loot, and even get killstreaks throughout the game. 

Though, there are still some additional things you can do as well. These, for the most part, are intel missions that require you to explore parts of Verdansk and find a few secrets, and in reward, you’ll get some XP.


The Gulag in Warzone
The Gulag is the home for this new Intel mission.

Warzone Old Wound intel mission first location

The newest Intel mission comes in the form of Old Wounds which focuses solely on the Gulag, or to give it its proper name, Zordaya Prison Complex. So, be prepared for some hot drops. 

In this mission, you’re retracing the steps of Zakhaev and finding out just exactly how he has managed to stay hidden. So, like the other intel quests, Ghost will give you a clue, and then you’re underway.

As PrestigeIsKey shows, the first piece of intel is sat on a table in the prison control room. Just make your way to it, hold the interact button, and then you’re moving on to the next steps. 


The first piece is an easy one to find, it’s on a desk.

Warzone Old Wound intel mission 2 & 3 locations

The second bit of intel isn’t too far away from the control room, in fact, it’s sat behind a radiator in a big cell on the B level of the prison. Don’t forget, you can’t collect these secrets in one game, so you will have to leave and start again. 

Once you have the second piece of intel, the third one is in a familiar place – above the Gulag showers. Just head there and find the cell by itself without a door and you should see the symbol for the intel.

Two pieces of intel are hidden in small spots behind a Radiator and Toilet.

Warzone Old Wound intel mission 4 & 5 locations

As for the final two pieces of intel, the fourth one is found on a desk in an office above the entrance to the prison. So, as you’re dropping in, land above the prison entrance and climb the small flight of stairs. You can’t miss the desk where the intel is.


For the last piece, you need to go back inside to the cells and go to the A level. There, go into cell three, and open the chest that is directly on your left. 

The final piece of intel is in Cell 3, in a small chest

Once completed, you’ll rack up your bonus XP and then receive another piece of intel that relates to the overall story. 

You can go to the spot shown on the small clue – it’s a tunnel in the side of a mountain – but there isn’t anything to grab there. So, we’ll just have to see where the story goes next.