How to complete new Modern Warfare Season 4 Trench easter egg

Infinity Ward

The fourth season of Modern Warfare arrived on June 11 with an assortment of new content from weapons to maps. Trench is the latest 2v2-exclusive battlefield and it comes boasting a unique easter egg. Here’s what you need to crack the code.

Gunfight rounds are often over in a flash so it can take a while to get used to new maps in the playlist. If you enter a custom game to slow things down however, you may have noticed some interesting details around Trench.

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Similar to recent Warzone easter eggs, there’s a bunker on one side of the new map with easter eggs inside. Here’s a full rundown on how you can crack open the new area.

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Infinity Ward
Season 4 of Modern Warfare launched with Trench as a brand new 2v2 map.

How to open the bunker on Trench

In order to open the bunker doors on Trench, you’ll have to input a five-digit code on a nearby keypad. How exactly do you find this code? It turns out that individual numbers are scattered throughout the map.

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Heading to five specific areas on the close-quarters map will reveal five unique digits. Some are chalked into walls and much easier to spot. Others are hidden inside crates or underneath certain walkways. Below is a walkthrough on where to find each number in order.

  1. The first can be found on the right side of the map in the trench itself. Hop over the concrete slabs and prone while facing to your left. You’ll see the first digit carved into a stone in the corner.
  2. Head back to the bunker door and head to the left side of the map. Before you turn the corner, you should spot the second number on the wall next to a barrel.
  3. From here, climb up but stick to the left side of the high-ground. Once again you’ll find the next digit etched into concrete on the left of a nearby slab.
  4. Next up, head to the opposing spawn. Drop down from the high ground and look for two distinctly blue barrels bordering the map. There will be a crate just in front of these barrels. Jump up and look inside this small crate for the fourth number. You may need to turn your brightness up for that one.
  5. Last but not least, stick to your left and wrap around after the fourth number. Once you reach the first turning point, head towards the centre of the map and look underneath a wooden walkway. The final digit will be in the dark once again.

Once you have the code, shoot at each individual number on the keypad to enter all five digits. 

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Opening another door inside the bunker

The yellow barriers will slide away and the bunker door will now open for you and your duo. Head downstairs and look around the room as this is only the first section of the easter egg.

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You’ll find a red telephone on a desk to the right side of the room. Take a look at the number on this phone and run back up to the same keypad outside. Enter the new code before heading back down into the bunker.

Upon your return, another phone will be ringing. Answer the call and the door at the back of the room will open up as well. What has this elaborate process all led to? Well you might want to stick to the sides of the room or else you’ll be respawning fairly quickly. 

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Infinity Ward
An evil looking teddy will wipe out your entire team if you’re not careful in the bunker.

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An enormous teddy bear with dual miniguns sprays down the entire room and wipes out anyone inside. This could be used as a hilarious trick if you’re able to bait friends downstairs. Beyond that, it’s just a unique little easter egg for players to have fun with throughout Season 4.

If you don’t want to spend time finding each digit to complete the easter egg, here are the two codes in order.

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  • First code: 95638
  • Second code: 53125