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How to build RAI K-84 Zombies Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z

Published: 7/Feb/2021 20:33

by Tanner Pierce


A new Wonder Weapon, the RAI K-84, makes it’s debut in Firebase Z and it’s one of the best weapons in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies right now by far, allowing you to easily get into high rounds with barely any effort. Here’s how you can get your hands on it. 

Wonder Weapons are always highly sought after in Black Ops Zombies maps. These fantastical weapons usually shoot high damage projectiles and getting them can mean your run-through of the map is going to be a whole lot easier.

Like with every Zombies map, Firebase Z introduces a brand new Wonder Weapon in the form of the RAI K-84, which at first glance looks like a modified version of an AK-47. While Wonder Weapons in general are powerful, this one seems to throw out insanely high damage, making it very formidable.


What is the RAI K-84?

The RAI K-84, and its Pack-A-Punched brother, are insanely powerful in Firebase Z.

Despite looking like a modified AK-47, the RAI K-84 is shoots high damage beams of energy in an AR package. Think of it almost like a full-auto Ray Gun, allow you to mow down hordes of the undead without a problem.

The Pack-A-Punch version of the weapon not only increases its damage, but also adds a grenade launcher-style attachment under the barrel. Instead of firing explosives, however, it launches a small black hole vortex that attracts nearby enemies.

Because of this, upgrading the weapon three times turns the RAI into an absolute beast of a weapon, one that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on when you can.


How to get the RAI K-84

Getting the RAI K-84 is a bit complicated.

There are two ways you can get your hands on the RAI K-84. The first is through the Mystery Box. Of course, that’s not a surefire way to get it, but there’s a chance that the next time you throw down 950 points, you’ll see it in the rotation. You’ll have to be insanely lucky, but it is possible through this method.

There is a way to guarantee a free one, though: building it yourself in-game. Just like with the D.I.E. Shockwave in Die Maschine, players can follow some steps to get their hands on it. Unlike its aforementioned predecessor, it’s a bit difficult to get your hands on the weapon. Luckily, however, if you follow the following steps, you’ll be able to get it:


  1. Activate all 3 Aether Reactors and turn on the power
  2. Run over to the Weapon Lab on the South side of the main map and pick up the RAI K-84 Blueprint found on the wall
  3. Go to the Scorched Defense Section found on the Northeast side of the map and interact with the dead body, which will get you the next item you’ll need: an eyeball
  4. Head back to the Weapon Lab and interact with the Retina Scanner near the computer, located next to where the blueprint was found.
  5. After a few seconds, grab the Locker Key that pops out.
  6. Run over to the Barracks section of the map. Inside Barrack 1 and Barrack 2, you’ll find lockers. Open up all of them until a special Mimic spawns. Kill it and pick up the Barrel Assembly that it drops.
  7. Head back to the computer found in the Weapon Lab and interact with it.
  8. Watch the graph on the computer screen spin and make note of where it stops every time (It will stop 3 times in total)
  9. Teleport back to the main starting area and head into the room next to the Pack-A-Punch
  10. Shoot the numbers on the dart board that coordinate with the places the graph stopped on the computer, and then shoot the center of the board.
  11. Pick up the Aetherium converter that drops out of the dart board.
  12. Head back to the main area and continue on with your game until a Mangler spawns (they have a giant cannon for their arm)
  13. Kill the Mangler and pick up the Uncharged Power Cell (if it doesn’t drop, kill another Mangler and try again)
  14. Bring the Power Cell to the Weapon Lab and attach it to the table located next to the upgrade station.
  15. Complete a full round from start to finish and then remove the Power Cell once it says it’s charged.
  16. Run back to where you found the original blueprint and build the RAI K-84.
Getting the RAI K-84 can help you get into later rounds with ease.

As one can see, the process of getting this Wonder Weapon is insanely complicated, requiring a ton of steps in order to complete. Particularly confusing is the dart board step so it might be useful to use a pen and paper on that section, as it’ll save you a ton of frustration.

It’s also worth noting that some of these steps can be completed in any order (particularly steps 6 through 15), however, considering the Mangler doesn’t start spawning until later rounds, this order will save you the most time.

That being said, all this effort is worth it, as the weapon will easily allow you to get into later rounds comfortably. Dexerto’s own experiments with the RAI K-84 and its Pack-A-Punched variant allowed us to get past round 35 with ease so it definitely works. Just remember not to get frustrated.