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How much prize money can Call of Duty pros win at the CWL Pro League? The math is staggering

Published: 22/Jan/2019 4:37 Updated: 22/Jan/2019 7:51

by Albert Petrosyan


One of the major reasons why so many Call of Duty players and teams were so desperate to qualify for the CoD World League’s Pro League was because of the staggering amount of prize money that will be on the line. 

The 2019 CWL Pro League will be offering a whopping total of over $2 million in prize money, which will be split between the regular season and the playoffs.

Every single one of the 16 teams that managed to qualify to the Pro League will be receiving $44,375 just for qualifying, regardless of where they finish in their respective Division.

The six teams that qualify for the Pro League Playoffs will put themselves in position to earn a large chunk of the $1.2 million prize pool, $500,000 of which will go to the first place team. 

In addition to these prize pools, the CWL will also be awarding $2,500 for each victory achieved in a Pro League match, which comes out to a massive total in its own rite. 

FaZe Clan were one of several teams that were stunningly eliminated from the qualifier tournament and will not be competing in this year’s Pro League.

All that being said, how much can a single Call of Duty pro player potentially earn by playing in the Pro League? eUnited star James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks did the math, and the max amount is truly mind-numbing.

Each player will be receiving $8,875 just for qualifying, $500 per win, and a fifth of the prize money allocated for their final placement in the playoffs. 

This means that if a team goes undefeated in the 22 regular season matches and finishes first in the playoffs, they will earn $599,375, a whopping $119,875 per player. 

Fully excited by the prospect of so much prize money, Clayster went on to calculate what a player could earn if their team also went on to win the 2019 CWL Champs after winning the Pro League Playoffs.

Assuming that the winning team earns $600K at Champs, each player will receive $150K, meaning that someone could be $269,875 richer by managing all of the achievements above. 

Naturally, it’s extremely unlikely for such a scenario to take place, but it just goes to show how lucrative the end of this year’s CWL season can truly be. 

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Call of Duty

Call of Duty streamer fires gun out of window after dying on Warzone

Published: 5/Dec/2020 13:52 Updated: 5/Dec/2020 13:54

by Daniel Cleary


A bizarre clip of a Call of Duty streamer has emerged, where the player fired a full magazine of a gun out of his window after dying in Warzone, during his Twitch stream.

In an intense online game, particularly battle royales like Warzone, it’s all too easy to get increasingly frustrated when games don’t go your way.

However, one Twitch streamer, who was playing under the “Faze sWiisH” gamer tag, took his post-game rage a bit too far, by taking a break from his Warzone session to empty out a full clip of his gun on-stream.

Warzone character running
Infinity Ward
Warzone has become quite competitive since its release on March 10.

During the streamer’s broadcast, his character was killed by an enemy in-game and, while he could still wait for his Duo to buy him back him at the nearest Buy Station, he proceeded to walk towards his window in the background of the stream.

After opening the window, the streamer picked up a semi-automatic pistol, firing a full magazine directly outside and placing the gun on the table before returning to his stream.

He continued to finish out the Duos session on Warzone but the clip stirred up a lot of controversy online in the following hours, with many discussing the streamer’s actions on Reddit.

Shortly after the clip was shared, an image of what was outside the streamer’s window emerged, highlighting that behind his house (the direction he fired) appears to be a large open field area, so hopefully, no person or property was at risk of being hit.

Window looking onto garden
The view from the window out of which the streamer fired.

Despite the fact that the surrounding area seemed to be clear of people, his actions are still against the livestreaming platform’s community guidelines and can be punished by Twitch’s moderation team.

The clip has since been removed from Twitch but as of now, it is unclear whether this was the result of a ban from the platform or if it was the streamer’s doing.