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Full list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare perks revealed

Published: 1/Aug/2019 19:02 Updated: 1/Aug/2019 19:32

by David Purcell


Activision have revealed all of the perks that will be available Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer and some of them are very different to anything we’ve seen before. 

The next installment of the Modern Warfare series, developed by Infinity Ward, will feature a whole host of new details being presented as part of their August 1 reveal event on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. 

Viewers were treated to a brand new multiplayer trailer and it was also confirmed that multiplayer would have a mini-map included, despite previous rumors suggesting that it wouldn’t be. There might have been tonnes of news to keep up with, but eagle-eyed fans will have noticed that the new list of perks and their functions have been shown before launch. 

Activision / Infinity WardCall of Duty players will have the option to select a number of new perks in Modern Warfare.

Perks have experienced a major overhaul for Modern Warfare as players will soon have the option to add extra perks to their guns, as well as their characters. 

This will prevent players from having to put physical attachments on everything and these new perks will include fire select options, calibre changes, and more. 

Aside from that, players will be able to select up to three standard perks for each loadout – as has been the case in some previous CoD titles. The full list can be found below. 

Call of Duty, TwitchCall of Duty’s perk list has been given a revamp with Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer perks

Perk 1 list: 

  • Double Time: Triple the Duration of Super Sprint and fully refresh Super Sprint on kills. 
  • E.O.D: Take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines and C4. 
  • Scavenger: Resupply ammo from dead players. 
  • Tracker: Enemies leave behind trails and death markers. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%. 
  • Tune Up: Increase the charge rate of field upgrades by 50%. 

Perk 2 list: 

  • Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensors and High Alert. Hide the death markers of enemies you kill. 
  • Hardline: Your killstreaks cost one less kill.
  • Kill Chain: Killstreaks earned in your current life earn kill credit for other killstreaks. 
  • Overkill: Carry two primary weapons. 
  • Restock: Recharge equipment over 30 seconds. 

Perk 3 list: 

  • Amped: Faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.  
  • Battle Hardened: Reduce strength of enemy flash, stun and EMP effects. 
  • Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by AI targeting system and thermal optics. Immune to snapshot grenades. 
  • High Alert: Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you. 
  • Shrapnel: Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration. 
  • Spotter: See enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls. Mark them for your team by looking at them while aiming down sights. 

Call of Duty, TwitchWeapon perks will also be available in the new game.

As noted earlier, there’s also a separate perk list for guns in the upcoming game, some of which have previously appeared as attachments in CoD titles. 

Weapon perks list: 

  • Fast Melee
  • Burst Fire (x3) Enhanced
  • Mo’ Money
  • Stance Training
  • FMJ
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Frangible – Wounding 
  • Burst

These were the only perks included in the multiplayer reveal and it appears to be the complete list for the game. If any more are announced, we’ll be sure to add them to this article in the future. 

Call of Duty

Warzone players claim Nuketown Gulag gives unfair advantage to one side

Published: 24/Jan/2021 11:15

by Connor Bennett


A handful of Call of Duty Warzone players have hit out at the new Nuketown-themed Gulag, claiming it favors one side a bit too much. 

With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Warzone has now combined the weapons of both the new game as well as the previous Modern Warfare title.

Even though there’s plenty of new content, including weapons and the Rebirth Island map, but it hasn’t gone down well with every player. There are still complaints about weapons being too overpowered, attachments not working, as well as other general bugs that come from combining the two games. 

Additionally, there’s also a new Gulag – with the showers of the Verdansk prison being done away with, and being replaced by a smaller version of Nuketown. However, players have got complaints about that too. 

Nuketown Gulag in Warzone
Players believe that Gulag fights have never been this tricky to win.

With the Modern Warfare showers, players had the same angles on each side, but that’s now changed with Nuketown. It’s now asymmetrical, with more angles to look out for, and Warzone players believe it favors the side where you can shoot through what would be the Welcome to Nuketown sign. 

“40% of my gulag deaths are from my enemy camping behind the car ruins,” posted Redditor SamirDando, complaining about the head glitch the car gives players who spawn that side. “That’s not what the gulag was originally designed to do. This needs a change.”

Others agreed, adding: “Yeah can’t stand it. The damn car head glitch” and offering up possible changes. “Remove the car, change the plywood to concrete so it can’t be shot through and it’d be alright,” said another. 

The new Nuketown gulags asymmetrical layout gives 1 player a major advantage over the other from CODWarzone

Yet, one player pointed out that it’s not just the head glitch that’s the problem, but how much room you have to work with. 

“In my opinion, the problem with car spawn isn’t just the head glitch, but also the fact that you can see two lanes from spawn,” noted Reddit user ReADropOfGoldenSun, “I think this could all be fixed if they moved the cardboard just a bit over so you can’t see the middle right off spawn.”

Other players, however, didn’t agree at all, claiming that are easy ways to get around the campers – either by simply hopping up on the balconies on the houses or using grenades.

It seems unlikely that the devs would make major changes to the gulag, unless their data shows that it’s completely broken and ruining the game. That might happen at a later date, but we’ll just have to wait and see.