First look at Gulag coming to CoD: Mobile revealed


Call of Duty: Mobile teased a first look at the Gulag on Saturday, May 23 that will provide the iconically claustrophobic combat to the game, possibly for Season 7.

The Call of Duty devs have been revamping classic locales from the series’s past and integrating them in new ways to the latest titles of the legendary franchise.

In Modern Warfare and Warzone, we’ve seen maps from past CoD titles get remade for the new era of the game. Now it looks like Gulag will be the latest to get a revamp, this time to fit the mobile ecosystem of CoD.

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The devs published a sly teaser for the game that briefly showed off a set of dirty bathroom sinks under a wide mirror. While this would typically look like a random restroom shot, it was readily familiar to CoD veterans who’ve seen this configuration before.

Immediately, the player-base realized that the Call of Duty: Mobile twitter account was teasing the inclusion of Gulag that could be coming with the next content drop.

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Though unconfirmed to be coming in Season 7, YouTuber ‘Bobby Plays’ uploaded a video in which he found the new map mentioned among the patch’s additions.

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“We’ve got the Gulag,” Bobby said while going through the Season 7 beta download list. “I don’t know if this is something we’re going to be able to play soon.”

That speculation has now come full circle with the devs all but confirming that Gulag will indeed be a new addition for players to load in to.

Bobby Plays YouTube
Bobby Plays saw that the Gulag was added to the Season 7 update for test servers.

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That said, the full capacity of the map is currently unknown. In Warzone, there’s a variation of the Gulag as a unique redeploy mechanic for fallen players. Winning out in the 1v1 allows players to automatically respawn and parachute down below.

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However, Gulag is also a map in multiplayer, the 2v2 Gunfight mode to be exact, and that could be what this mobile version will be, considering that a video has surfaced of players battling in a 2v2 Showdown on test servers.

The exact details, such as release date and official design, have yet to be revealed, so we’ll be on the lookout to bring you all the latest information as soon as more gets announced.