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FaZe Santana brutally humiliates Warzone trash talker by exposing his poor clips & stats

Published: 1/May/2021 19:57

by Theo Salaun


Content creators are no strangers to online trash talk, but Call of Duty: Warzone streamer Santana decided to clap back. In a brutal online roast, the FaZe Clan and Nuke Squad member absolutely exposed a TikTok hater with their less-than-stellar clips and stats.

As the popular saying goes, “when you come at the king, you best not miss.” Well, FaZe Clan and Nuke Squad’s Santana may not be the king of Warzone — but, to random TikTok users, he most certainly is. And one trash talker learned that the hard way.

When TikTok’s ‘abcmultikillz’ replied to a Santana play calling it “weak” and saying “wtf,” he probably didn’t expect the streamer to respond. And, in a way, Santana didn’t respond (directly, at least).


Instead, he decided to put the hater on blast for the whole world to see. Santana proceeded to check out the trash talker’s profile, where he found an embarrassing gameplay video with a whole lot of missed shots — perfect for a public roast session.

Nuke Squad’s Santana roasts hater’s gameplay

In Santana’s video, he shows his entire revengre process: seeing the comment, checking out the profile, and then discovering how much of a bot his hater was. All that is summarized perfectly in his caption to the tweet above.

But the streamer wasn’t done yet. Maybe he wanted to give his critic the benefit of the doubt and check if the play was an exception to normal talents. But JGOD sent him the player’s not-so-great stats and Santana proceeded to expose those too.


It’s absolutely fine to criticize a streamer’s talent, almost all of their gameplay is public and therefore as open to critique as they are to praise. But, when your gameplay and statistics are also public, maybe you should be ready for a clap back.

In this case, Santana had the time and decided that the trash talk goes both ways. Unfortunately for abcmultikillz, FaZe’s streamer simply had more ammunition to work with.

The TikTok hater has never won a game of Warzone (despite being at Prestige 8) and has a 0.42 kill-death ratio (which is “Bottom 15%). Exposing that, and the clip of him struggling to get just a single kill, is possibly the most brutal streamer-on-hater roast we’ve seen in Warzone history.