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FaZe Kalei shows explanation for Warzone “hacks” that got her banned from TikTok

Published: 5/Jun/2021 12:17

by Connor Bennett


FaZe Clan’s newest streamer, KaleiRenay, showed off the reason why people thought she was hacking in Warzone and it’s actually a pretty simple thing.

Ever since Warzone first launched a touch over a year ago, players have had problems with cheaters and hackers ruining their experience. So much so that, if you grab even the most basic of kills, you might hear a “you’re getting reported” on the resulting death comms.

Even though over half a million players have been banned for cheating in some way, most players aren’t cheating, despite some wild claims.

FaZe Clan’s newest signing, Twitch streamer KaleiRenay, came under fire from some viewers who thought she was cheating because she was making loadout boxes appear as red in-game. It even got her banned from TikTok, but the reason is easily explained.


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FaZe Clan
KaleiRenay debuts FaZe Kalei with hand and hoodie.

The Warzone star isn’t cheating, but instead, she’s just marking the loadout boxes for her teammates. That makes it show up with a colored outline and appear through certain surfaces, which had some people assuming she had wallhacks.

“Got to clarify it for TikTok, but see how far I go, I can see the red box. It disappears, but look at that, I can still see the red box at a certain amount,” she said, moving back and forth from the loadout drop.

“The fact that I have to explain this because people think I’m cheating because they saw a red box on one of my clips because I have specialist but specialist is now removed from the game, so I had to equip spotter. This is the red box that people saw, that I just got permabanned for, and that’s it.”


Of course, while her situation is easily explainable, there will always be some who are stuck in their ways and refuse to change their mind.

Kalei will keep dominating in Verdansk regardless and she continues to grow and grow after joining up with FaZe.