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FaZe drops Call of Duty Challengers player after homophobic slurs

Published: 24/Jul/2020 4:30 Updated: 24/Jul/2020 6:09

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty League organization Atlanta FaZe has released Daunte ‘Sibilants’ Gray from its Academy roster after a homophobic outburst from the Challengers player during online scrims against Chicago Huntsmen.

AF Academy has been one of the most successful North American Challengers teams throughout 2020. The roster has finished first in five Open events during the Modern Warfare cycle, most recently winning the London event on July 19.

The team will have to find a new fifth moving forward, however, as Sibilants has been removed from the organization as a whole. This shakeup comes following a controversial July 23 Twitch stream from the 18-year-old player. Not only did this broadcast result in a ban on Twitch, but it also led to his removal from the Challengers roster.

Sibilants was streaming practice against the Chicago Huntsmen when the Academy team won a map of Domination. Before they made it back to the menu, as he gloated, Sibilants let out a homophobic slur directed towards Huntsmen fans.

CoD Challengers player Sibilants Twitter
Twitter: Sibilants_
Sibilants addressed the controversy on Twitter shortly after the stream.

While the organization is yet to publicly address the matter, Sibilants was swiftly released from the team just hours later. “F*** everybody who is against me,” he followed up on Twitter. “You really only got yourself in this s***. I’m not in FaZe anymore this gaming s*** was a waste anyway.”

Many Call of Duty League players responded to the issue. Some were surprised by the slur, while others offered support.

“Mind blown right now,” Simp, of the Atlanta FaZe, said. Huntsmen star Prestinni told Sibilants he was “way too good to be doing all this,” and suggested he “learn from it and better yourself.”

A few hours passed before Sibilants apologized for his actions in a statement. “I’m not going to sugar coat it,” he stated. “I messed up. I shouldn’t have said what I said and I lost everything because of it. I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended today with what I said. My intention wasn’t to offend any members of the LGBTQ community.”

Despite originally implying that his time spent competing in Call of Duty might have been a waste, he appears eager to continue grinding. “I hope to move past this and learn from the experience. I’m sorry again to FaZe, the community, and for letting everyone who supported me down. I’ll be back.”

The final Challengers event of the year prior to playoffs is set to kick off this weekend. AF Academy has a short window to find a suitable replacement ahead of the Toronto Open on July 25.

Call of Duty

How to play Black Ops Cold War Zombies for free on PC & console

Published: 11/Jan/2021 19:36

by Tanner Pierce


After being leaked through a Microsoft Store listing, it’s now confirmed that fans will be able to try out Black Ops Cold War Zombies for free from January 14 through January 21, 2021. Here’s what we know about it.

Free access weekends are nothing new for Call of Duty’s standard multiplayer. Every once in a while, Activision will allow players to try out a small selection of the newest multiplayer maps and modes for a short amount of time, with the obvious hopes that it’ll get them to buy the whole game.

While that is normal for the multiplayer (having happened multiple times with Modern Warfare and once already in Black Ops Cold War), the same cannot be said for Zombies modes, as that’s usually kept locked away in the full version. Now, that seems like it’ll be changing.

According to Activision, fans who don’t have the game will be getting free access to the game’s Zombies mode, from January 14 to January 21, 2021. The best part is that fans will have access to two separate modes during the free weekend: the standard Die Maschine experience and the new mode Cranked.

PlayStation players will also get access to Onslaught, a mode exclusive to the platform which allows two players to fight rounds of the undead on multiplayer maps.

Notably absent from the weekend is Dead Ops Arcade 3, a top-down, fan-favorite variant of the traditional Zombies mode. While this is a bit disappointing, it does make sense, as that’s viewed as more of bonus experience rather than one on the same level as the others.

How to download Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free Access

Players will be able to download the Zombies Free Access application soon via their platforms store.

Currently, the download link for the BOCW Zombies Free Access is not live yet, meaning there’s no way to actually download the application as of the time of this writing. It’s unknown if the link will go live early, giving players a chance to download it, or if they’ll have to wait until the 14th.

That being said, Treyarch has basically confirmed that it should be as easy as simply searching for it, downloading the application off of the Xbox, PlayStation, or stores, and then playing it like any other free weekend.

Of course, once more concrete details become available, we’ll update this article with step-by-step instructions to help out fans who might wanna get their hands on it. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it’s available.