FaZe Bloo wins Week 1 of NICKMERCS $100k Warzone event: Results & recap

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[jwplayer br5AuoVJ]After officially partnering with Activision, Twitch Warzone superstar, FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS, came back with a $100,000 MFAM Gauntlet  tournament featuring some of the biggest names in Call of Duty.

On July 8, it was announced that Activision and NICKMERCS would be partnering to up the ante for the streamer’s MFAM Gauntlet, and that the prize pool would be pushed to $100k with a format extended to four weeks. 

Each week involves a $2,500 Qualifier round and a $20,000 Main Event, featuring teams of streamers that compete in bracket play with points awarded for kills and placements. In the qualifiers, the player with the most kills also earns a smooth $500. If you missed out on the latest round of action, we’ve got you covered.

MFAM Gauntlet July Warzone tourney recap

The lengthy tournament saw some of its biggest names dropping out early. Only eight teams could make it through to the final bracket and some star-studded rosters couldn’t quite make the cut. Warzone icons such as Symfuhny, Vikkstar, and plenty more, were wiped out of the competition early.

Standing out among the big personalities, a trio that fought through the MFAM qualifier made an epic run. Not only did they cruise through the initial phase of the tournament, but they also pulled off huge upsets in bracket play. The group of friends knocked out Team HusKerrs against all odds, clearly proving they’re a force to be reckoned with.

This iteration of the event also made history. We saw the first-ever tie in MFAM Gauntlet history,” according to cohost Joe ‘Merk’ Deluca. In an unprecedented turn of events, Team Aydan and Team MVS both tied at 136 points in the semi-final round. The two teams then had to battle it out in a tie-breaking Gunfight series which eventually saw Team MVS move onto the grand final.

Ultimately, it was Team FaZe Bloo and Team MVS in the last round of action. 11 points immediately separated the two squads after the first game, though it was FaZe Bloo and his lineup that pulled ahead in the end. They came away as the overall victors of the first week in the July Gauntlet.

MFAM Gauntlet July Warzone tourney placements (Top 8)

Place Team Points $ Prize Money

FaZe Bloo, Clutchbelk, Destroy

 381+ $9,000

MVS, Royalize, Biffle

3rd NICKMERCS, Swagg, Etrain 377
4th HusKerrs, Joewo, Exzacht 376
Top 8 Dez, Colors, Lucky Chamu 373
Top 8 Aydan, Censor, Ahtract 372
Top 8 JKap, Galvanize, JohnMLG 372
Top 8 Trainwrecks, FeLo, Superevan 351

When was the MFAM Gauntlet Warzone tourney?

The first week’s Main Event bracket play kicked off at 7 p.m. ET on July 15, following three hours of gameplay that helped determine seeding.

Like the other events, it was streamed on Twitch on the MFAM channel, which we have linked below.

Live leaderboard

The full leaderboard for teams that participated in the MFAM Gauntlet can be found here. It was updated regularly throughout the tournament as games were played and results came through.

Teams & players

The first week was Trios, the second is Duos, third is Quads, and the fourth hasn’t yet been decided—currently sitting as “choice,” implying that finalists will be able to choose their preferred squad size. 

Of the teams that participated, some huge names stood out. Some teams had three popular streamers, like Timthetatman, Symfuhnny, and Dougisraw’s.

Others, like Aydan, Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, and Ahtract’s or Tfue, Cloakzy, and Innocents’, featured two high-profile players and a lesser known streamer. The field was insane though, as it ranged from professional athletes like Tarik Cohen and Vincent Poirier to current and former World Record holders like Vikkstar, Swagg, Lucky Chamu and Frozone.

Of course, there was some major Call of Duty League representation as well, with substitute CDL players like Martin ‘MjChino’ Chino, Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan, and Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell all getting in on the action.

Format, rules, prize breakdown

There are different formats for Qualifiers and Main Events, and different formats for squad size each week. 

Format details for Qualifiers and Main Events of MFAM July Gauntlet.

But, in general, teams get to compile the points from their best five games over four hours in Qualifiers and that same format extends to Main Events, except just over three hours with a single-elimination bracket for the top eight teams after that.

As mentioned earlier, the prize pool is split into $20,000 per week for the Main Event, $2,500 for qualifiers, and $500 for the players with the most kills.

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