How to watch $200k NICKMERCS Apex Legends MFAM Gauntlet: Stream & players

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NICKMERCS’ MFAM Gauntlet is back for another Apex Legends edition, this time in the new TDM game mode for Season 16, featuring pro players and streamers, and there is a total of $200,000 up for grabs.

The MFAM Gauntlet is NICKMERCS‘ popular tournament series, which has previously taken place on Warzone too. This latest tournament is his biggest yet, featuring top players and a bigger prize pool than ever before.

And these events are always popular with fans too, with previous editions peaking at over 300,000 viewers. Here’s what you need to know about the Apex Legends MFAM Gauntlet starting on March 30.

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How to watch Apex Legends MFAM Gauntlet

The two-day event will be streamed over on NICKMERCS’ own channel, as well as the streamers and pros broadcasting their own POVs too. You can watch Nick’s stream embedded below.

The finals event begins on Friday, March 31, at 2pm PT /5pm ET.

MFAM Gauntlet Apex Legends TDM format

Rather than playing the battle royale mode, this Gauntlet event will be all about the new Team Deathmatch mode added in Season 16.

The format will work as follows:

  • Round 1: 20 Trios play 7 6v6 TDM matches each in round-robin
  • The top 7 Trios in W-L record will advance to the final round
    • Wild Card round: Trios placed 8-11 will play a match of Gun Run, with the winning trio advancing to the last 8.
  • Final Round: 8 Trios play knockout bracket of TDM Matches
  • The final 2 trios remaining will be crowned champions
mfam gauntletMFAM


Pro players will be able to team up with streamers for their trios, with only a few spots on certain teams left to fill.

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Team Players
Team SuperSauers SuperSauers, Mudeb, Colenoscopy
Team Dezignful Dezignful, SethVNGZ, moorebid
Team Chalas Chalas, NiicoInfinite, TBENewbz
Team Chamu Chamu, zachmazer, Unrational
Team Aydan Aydan, YanYa, Sulitify
Team Co1azo Co1azo, HisWattson, Extessy
Team Nate Hill Nate Hill, Snip3down, Vozskii
Team JoeWo JoeWo, Enoch, Genburten
Team Deeds Deeds, Drac, Draynilla
Team Gent Gent, ZLaner, Destroy
Team Shiv ShivFPS, IllSpooky, Buddha
Team Clara ClaraATwork, Verhulst, Crewsn
Team Max Holloway Max Holloway, StayNaughty, Geno
Team Mande Mande, TBD, TBD
Team ImperialHal ImperialHal, Assault, XenoN
Team IiTzTimmy IiTzTimmy, Almxnd, Kine
Team Stonemountain Stonemountain, Cau7ioN, Gild
Team Clix Clix, Cented, Arize
Team NiceWigg NiceWigg, Itsluanlight, Leamonhead

Prize Pool

With a total of $150,000 still up for grabs for the finals, the prize breakdown is as follows:


There is not only prize money for placements though, as match wins will earn bonuses too:

  • Each win: $200 per player
  • Player with most kills in round 1: $1,200
  • Trio with most kills in round 1: $450 each

We will update this article with the rest of the teams and final placements as the event begins on March 31.

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