Dr Disrespect can’t catch a break with Warzone 2 stream snipers

dr disrespect warzone 2Activision, Dr DisRespect

Dr Disrespect has encountered numerous stream snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, so he edited a compilation video filled with noteworthy highlights.

Cheating tactics have plagued online shooters for years, with crafty users always finding ways to one-up the competition by unconventional means.

One such tactic involves stream sniping, which involves a player watching a content creator’s live stream in order to track them down on the battlefield.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s proximity chat feature has apparently made streaming sniping all the more viable for some cheaters. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect is no stranger to sitting on the receiving end of this particular tactic, either.

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Warzone 2 stream snipers won’t give Dr Disrespect a break

Doc’s latest YouTube video constitutes a 10-minute compilation, one replete with highlights of his interactions with Warzone 2 stream snipers.

In the video, quite a few people find him through proximity chat and waste no time taking advantage of the situation.

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Others use tried and true stream sniping tactics, then brag about said tactics over proximity chat once it’s clear Dr Disrespect is listening.

The content creator doesn’t always let stream snipers get the better of him, though. As seen in the compilation video above, Dr Disrespect often manages to outplay Warzone 2 users who resort to less-than-savory gameplay strategies.

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Notably, some users recently learned that proximity chat is not always a recipe for disaster. Warzone 2’s new chat feature has also resulted in stream snipers being caught red-handed.

As the battle royale title continues to evolve, so, too, are these types of encounters between streamers and the average Call of Duty player.