Dr Disrespect reveals why he’s already enjoying “silky smooth” Warzone

Isaac McIntyre
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / Infinity Ward

Dr Disrespect has finally been able to flex his Call of Duty Warzone skills for his Twitch fans on-stream, and as he settled into the day-one grind, he revealed what he loves most about Infinity Ward’s “silky smooth” battle royale.

Modern Warfare’s long-awaited battle royale mode Warzone finally dropped on March 10 to bucket-loads of hype from the CoD community, and among those diving into the battle royale for the first time was Dr Disrespect.

One thing, in particular, piqued the Two-Time’s interest — the title’s huge map. Known for his Call of Duty level designs, the Doc knows his stuff. It’s a glowing review of Warzone, then, that its level left him particularly impressed.

Infinity Ward
Dr Disrespect said he’s already loving Warzone’s “silky smooth” map design.

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As he prepared to grind out “eight straight hours of wins” during his March 10 stream, the Twitch star revealed just how much he loves the battle royale’s “silky smooth” level design, especially how “realistic” everything is.

“I, the gorgeous two-time, back-to-back video game champion, have played this game a handful of times in the past little while, and one thing does stand out… it’s one thing you’re going to notice about Warzone,” Dr Disrespect said.

“You guys know I love analyzing world and level design, and it’s actually a really interesting space to fight in. You’ll notice when we’re at the airport, or near the stadium… it actually feels like you’re running around a bigger space.”

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The Doc pointed to another title he’s praised recently, Battlestate’s hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov, and said Warzone felt very similar. “We’ve talked about it in EFT too, the world scale actually feels really good,” he said.

While he’s only dipped his toes into Warzone during his first stream, Dr Disrespect also had a chance to test it all behind-the-scenes before launch. He said when he was testing it ahead of the official release, he was “loving it.”

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“There are some games where there can be a full stadium and your character runs through it in two seconds. It doesn’t feel like you’re running through a stadium. In [Warzone], all the points of interest, they feel nice,” he said.

“You can tell when you’re in certain areas in this. That’s what stuck out to me in playtesting. It’s not like buildings into airports, stadiums into the mountains. Everything has been spaced out really nicely… it’s great.”

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While the Two-Time seems to be loving his time in Infinity Ward’s new battle royale for the moment, there’s every chance his mind changes in the next few days.

The volatile Twitch star has become renowned for his rage-quits, and recently he exploded over Apex Legends ⁠— he even went so far to “guarantee” he would never touch Respawn’s title again, despite playing it for four more hours.

Fans will also be hoping Warzone doesn’t go the same way as Black Ops 4’s Blackout, which Mixer streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek suggested was “always doomed to fail” in the build-up to Modern Warfare’s next attempt at the genre.