Summit1g livid after Blizzard launcher costs him CoD Warzone match

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch/summit1g/Infinity Ward

Star Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar was left furious and fuming after losing a match in Call of Duty’s new Warzone battle royale thanks to some interference by the Blizzard Launcher.

The retired CSGO star had been sent to the gulag during a match on March 10 match after suffering his first death.

Normally, when sent to the Gulag, players need to win a 1v1 against another defeated player for a chance to respawn and reclaim glory, but in summit1g’s case, the game let him back in free because he had no one to fight against.

Summit1g was not happy getting killed so early.

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Just as the streamer landed after parachuting back to the battleground, his screen went dark for seemingly no reason, causing confusion.

“My game just crashed?” he wondered as the game sent him back to his desktop due to an update for the Blizzard launcher. “My game did not crash! The game was like, ‘hey there’s an update, would you like to update?!’”

Unfortunately for Lazar, during that brief moment where he had been tabbed out of the game, someone had eliminated him, and because he had already gotten one revive via the Gulag, he had no more respawning opportunities remaining.

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“Why would you f**king do that, Battlenet?” he groaned. “Why?! What a stupid way to die.”

The rage didn’t end there either as the popular Twitch star continued to sound off on the update for kicking him at the worst time possible.

“Alt-tabbed out of the game because the application that runs the game decided to let me know there was an update. Suck my d*ck, dude!” he added, flipping off the camera. “Why are you forcing sh*t down my throat for? I don’t give a f**k if there’s an update. Tell me when I’m not in a game.”

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“Is your program not smart enough to know I’m in a game using the f**king application?”

Hopefully, both Activision-Blizzard can figure out solutions to these problems before players start rage-quitting their games for good.