Dashy trolls ex-OpTic teammate TJHaLy after joining Chicago Huntsmen

Joe Craven
Dashy next to TJHaLy while on OpTic Gaming

Chicago Huntsmen player Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell has trolled TJHaLy with a Skip Bayless quote, following his departure from OpTic LA after a disappointing season.

Despite, on paper, having one of the best rosters in all of Call of Duty, OpTic Gaming LA’s opening season in the CDL was marred with disappointment and frustration.

A mid-season shuffle saw Drazah and Hollow join, to the detriment of Chino, Dashy and JKap. Dashy, however, looked set to join his old teammate Scump on the Chicago Hunstmen for some time; a move that has now been confirmed.

Whether the new-look Chicago roster, consisting of Dashy, Envoy, Formal and Scump, can turn around the Illinois-based team’s fortunes remains to be seen, but expectations are high.

OpTic Gaming winningDashy and Scump were teammates on OpTic Gaming during the Black Ops 4 season.

In one of the game’s crucial moments, TJHaLy found himself in a 1v1 with Envoy of Hunstmen at CDL Champs. Envoy came out on top, seeing OpTic eliminated and Huntsmen progressing.

Now, ahead of his appearance on Attach’s Call of Duty podcast, Dashy has trolled his ex-teammate with a Skip Bayless quote, stating that he couldn’t trust his teammate in the game’s major moments.

“I knew I couldn’t trust him in big time moments,” he replied. “Also showed he just doesn’t have that Jordan killer mentality, often differs to his teammates in game 5.” Bayless’ quote was originally about LeBron James, who is doing his best to lead the Lakers to an NBA Championship.

Dashy and TJ are friends outside of CoD, and have been teammates for nearly 2 years, but clearly the chemistry wasn’t quite right on the OpTic LA squad. The pair have jokingly thrown shots at each other before, so TJ might be inclined to respond.

Dashy’s new home, Chicago Huntsmen, had an impressive if unspectacular opening season in the CDL, winning multiple events but ultimately falling short of Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire when it really mattered. Chicago fans will be hoping Dashy can be the catalyst to take them to the next level. Only time will tell.