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Current Warzone WR holder sets insane new Solo vs Trio kill record

Published: 10/May/2020 11:11

by Joe Craven


On May 9, Call of Duty YouTuber ‘Bartonologist’ added another Warzone kill World Record to his name, complimenting his existing stature as a Quads WR holder. 

Bartonologist already holds the World Record for Quad kills in Warzone. On April 19, he and three other teammates shared their incredible 108 kill effort, blitzing the existing record by 8 kills. The record has not yet been beaten as of writing.

Prior to May 9, the Solo vs Trio record stood at a whopping 38 kills after being set by Mixer streamer GaGOD. However, Bartonologist has gone one better, quite literally.

Warzone players are already setting bar very high.

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Playing on PC, Bartonologist lands at Superstore and picks up an Oden AR, managing to stay alive and rack up a quick three kills. While armor eludes him from the game’s start, kills certainly don’t, and the YouTuber leaves the popular landing spot with 5 kills under his belt.


After leaving Superstore, the pair call in a Loadout Drop, allowing Bart to use his own customized Grau and AX-50. The game includes some pretty nasty snipes, including wiping an entire squad who were minding their own business on top of one of Verdansk’s many warehouses.

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The match concludes with Bart’s teammate going out of his way to ensure his friend makes the record, even dropping all of his armor plates. The generosity works, too, with Bart finishing on an insane 39 kills – quite literally ‘one-upping’ the previous record.

To round off the insane gameplay Bart’s teammate, ‘Kekoa’, finishes with 23 kills, meaning the duo’s total is 62. This puts them just shy of the Duo vs Trios WR, which sits at 64.


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