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CoD YouTuber JGOD reveals best Warzone barrels for bullet velocity

Published: 18/Jan/2021 1:33

by Tanner Pierce


In a brand-new video, Call of Duty content creator ‘JGOD’ did an analysis of how each barrel affects the bullet velocity of almost every primary Black Ops Cold War weapon in Warzone, revealing that some attachments affect other weapons in the same class differently.

While Black Ops Cold War went out of its way to include a statistical breakdown for every weapon and its possible attachments, going so far as to say what type of percentage increase or decrease each attachment provides, Warzone has no such feature.

This means that a lot of experimenting has to be done by the community to find out exactly how much each attachment affects every weapon.


Luckily, CoD YouTuber JGOD has been doing just that and recently uploaded a video breaking down how the bullet velocity for every weapon is changed depending on the barrel you attach to it. The results are pretty fascinating.

Different barrels in Warzone can affect your bullet velocity.

What is bullet velocity in Warzone and why does it matter?

In short, bullet velocity deals with how fast the bullet is traveling and how much of a “drop” it’ll have once it reaches its target. A better bullet velocity means a faster time to reach the target and little-to-no bullet drop, while a worse velocity would take a slower amount of time to reach target and would have a larger amount of bullet drop.


As JGOD points out in his video, this also determines how much of a lead time you’ll need to put in front of your target if they are moving, due to how fast the bullet is going. All in all, it’s an important thing to know when getting into gunfights, especially ones in medium-to-longer ranges.

JGOD experiments and results

For his video, JGOD used all of the primary Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone except for the shotguns, presumably due to their extremely limited range. According to him, he records himself shooting with each barrel, then goes back and checks out how long each shot takes to reach its target, frame by frame, on his recording.


The results of his experiment show that barrels that are even shared by different weapons affect each one in a different way, sometimes within the same class. For example, the Calvary barrel on the Assault Rifles doesn’t seem to do anything, while the same attachment on the LMGs increases the bullet velocity by about 80%.

While the full breakdown of his results can be found here, it seems like the Ranger barrel on ARs, the Calvary barrel on LMGs, the Titanium barrel on Tac Rifles, and the Reinforced Heavy on SMGs all seem to offer up the highest increases to the velocity compared to the others.


Overall, it’s a pretty interesting video and major props go to JGOD for spending the time to actually grab all of the data. Of course, these stats could change in the future with patches and updates but for right now, these seem to be the best offerings for the barrels.