CoD Vanguard exploit under the map wipes out defenseless players from unkillable position

dome map art in vanguardActivision

Every now and again a new CoD exploit will come along and cause havoc. Vanguard’s small, chaotic Dome map has a damaging exploit that is ruining games for many.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has been a solid release with plenty of maps to choose from and lots of competitive weapons like the Automaton and BAR. But there has been an unfortunate hiccup or two since the game’s release.

The latest one is a game-breaking map exploit that renders many players completely and utterly prone to constant gunfire, unable to return it. As a result, players using this glitch are able to rack up tons of kills and leave their opponents frustrated.

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vanguard dome map interiorActivision
There’s enough way and destruction on top of the map as it is.

Dome is known for being one of CoD Vanguard’s most insane maps as it’s one of the smallest in the game. You can spawn and easily encounter a bucketload of enemies in a matter of seconds.

Combat is hard enough during a game of Dome, but this new map exploit allows players to get very deep under the surface of the map and shoot players from below. The exploit was experienced by Reddit user PainInfinite and they showed how impossible the exploit is to deal with.

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It’s similar to the chaos that was caused in Warzone’s Verdansk ’84 as players were able to get out of the confines of the map and score easy kills in Raven Software’s battle royale.

The two crucial points here are that it’s entirely unclear how to perform this exploit, it’s unknown if this is a one-off, or there is a certified way to pull this off every time. The other thing that makes this map exploit even more difficult to deal with is the fact that it’s one-way fire.

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So if you’re on the map, as usual, your bullets will not penetrate the map like they will for people using the exploit. Hopefully, it’s the usual case of bringing awareness to the issue and Sledgehammer will be on the case quite quickly.