COD fans “speechless” after Activision shuts down mod sm2

A sniper rifle in Sm2sm2

Activision shocked the Call of Duty community by sending a cease and desist to the Sm2 developers, canceling the game.

In 2021, a group of developers started an ambitious project to create the “dream Call of Duty game.” Titled sm2, the free-to-play mod used the Modern Warfare 2019 engine and included a long list of familiar features. The devs said they planned to include over 100 weapons on release, 24 perks, a progression system, and more.

One year into development, the sm2 team revealed a 40-plus-minute video showing off all of the weapons in the game. FPS community members praised the showcase and got nostalgic seeing classic guns back in action.

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Unfortunately, for those looking forward to the game, Activision stepped in before the project ever saw the light of day.

sm2 shuts down operations permanently

On May 17, the sm2 developers stated: “Today, a team member received a Cease & Desist letter on behalf of Activision Publishing in relation to the sm² project.”

“We are complying with this order and shutting down all operations permanently. Thank you all for your support over the past 2 years.”

Community members couldn’t wrap their heads around why Activision waited so long to shut down the project.

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COD content creator NerosCinema responded: “They could have pulled this years ago but didn’t instead they let these hardworking devs work for 2 years, then shut them down.”

Warzone streamer DougDagnabbit asked: “Why, after all this time is SM2 getting a cease and desist now? Something seems weird with this story.”

Call of Duty YouTuber M3RKMUS1C mourned the loss by adding: “Our hopes and dreams for a Call of Duty game that has all of the best guns, maps, and features is unfortunately dead.”

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While not surprising, community members couldn’t help but feel disappointed after learning the news.

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