CoD mod brings over 100+ weapons, 40+ maps, and more to Modern Warfare 2 engine

. 1 year ago

A modded Call of Duty client is venturing to bring a free mashup of the legendary franchise with the best maps, weapons, perks, and more running on the Modern Warfare 2 engine.

A group of developers are putting together a CoD client aiming to provide a fun and balanced experience. Called ‘sm2,’ the upcoming mod aims to be one of the biggest remixes for Call of Duty to date.

“Our main goal is to create our dream Call of Duty game,” the sm2 devs said. “A mash-up of the best COD experiences in one place, completely free and player-friendly, with ongoing updates and community feedback to help make this project the best it can be.”

A release date for the mod has yet to be revealed. While the devs have been making solid progress on it, their ambitious project will take the team some time.

On their site, the devs say they plan to include:

  • 100+ weapons on release, complete with attachments and camos.
  • 24 perks, some new, some old.
  • We’re re-introducing MW3’s point streak system, along with all 3 strike chains (Assault, Support, Specialist) and some new streaks for you to play with.
  • A complete party system, including voice chat, and the ability to join servers together.
  • A new currency system: Credits (Cr), along with Wager Matches. Restored MW2’s removed clan tag support.
  • A new Melee weapon slot, similar to Modern Warfare Remastered.
  • 24 free Menu Music options.
  • A brand new progression system, which we’ll talk about more later.
  • A one-click ping system for enemies, danger, objectives, and more.
  • Every menu, every HUD, redesigned.

They have plans to share more features at a later time. The CoD mod is also going to have controller support that will have aim assist.

There’s will be a Prestige mode that will let players go from level 1 to 100 before resetting. In Prestige mode, there’s only one reset. After that, it’s going to be a grind from level 1 to 1000.

Every 50 levels will unlock Prestige Tokens and Credits that can be used in the respective Prestige and Rewards stores.

You’ll be able to buy Custom Class slots, Prestige icons, and the like in the Prestige Store, while the Rewards store holds cosmetics, melee weapons, emblems, etc.

There’s going to be a lot to unpack for longtime Call of Duty fans when sm2 launches, and it’ll be interesting to see what else the devs put in.

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