Clayster reveals his number 1 trash talker in Call of Duty

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Trash talk has been an integral part of the Call of Duty esports scene for as long as competitions have been going, and veteran player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has been there to witness just about all of it. But who’s the best trash talker in CoD history?

There have been some iconic moments of trash talk in Call of Duty tournaments of years past, especially in the golden days of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts, in which there seemed to be no holds barred by players.

While the banter might have cooled down a little in recent years, especially with the increased professionalism in the franchised Call of Duty League, there still seems to be room for it, just not as much as there once was.

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So, while taking a trip down memory lane, Clayster revealed who he believes are the best trash talkers in the history of the esport.

Clayster complexity team Black Ops 2Team Beyond
Clayster is a veteran of the scene, and has given out his fair share of trash talk, too.

In a video posted to the New York Subliners YouTube channel, the team in which Clayster recently joined following his World Championship win with Dallas Empire, the veteran pro reeled off his top 5 trash talkers.

Giving credit to the likes of the late Phillip ‘PHiZZURP’ Klemenov, European veteran Dylan ‘MadCat’ Daly and Black Ops 2 world champ Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss, Clay finally revealed who he believes to be the number one trash talker in CoD esports history: Patrick ‘Aches’ Price.

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“This guy… he was just relentless,” Clay said. “He had basically a speakerphone in his coach to talk trash for him. But, I got to give it to him, the guy knows what to say. He’s the master finesser, the master manipulator and this guy knows how to trash talk with the best of them.”

Here’s the order of Clayster’s top trash talkers in Call of Duty:

  1. Aches
  2. Study & NAMELESS
  3. KiLLa
  4. MadCat

All of the above have had some truly memorable smack-talking moments throughout their careers and feature in our top 10 funny trash-talking moments in Call of Duty History, entertaining the fans and getting into opponents’ heads at the same time.

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Whether or not you agree with Clayster’s list, you can’t deny that every one of the pros mentioned has really had their moments.