Clayster Proposes Several Changes to Competitive CoD That Could Result in “Record-Breaking Viewership” During Black Ops 4

EUnited Call of Duty pro player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has proposed several ideas that he feels would help the competitive CoD scene grow during the upcoming Black Ops 4 season.

The long-time competitor went on a spiel via Twitter on August 6, presenting changes to the way competitive CoD is played that would attract a larger fan-base and possibly even yield record-breaking viewership numbers. 

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Clayster’s plan for improving the competitive scene involves changing the format to 5v5 as opposed to 4v4, allowing players to use anything that is in the game, and adding and/or changing the rule-sets to garner the interest of also those who just play the game casually.

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I say we play 5v5 next year, all maps, everything allowed. At least give it a shot to attract the 70-80% of players who only play pub TDM. Guarantee we’d see record-breaking viewership numbers. 

Not saying it would be competitive, but we’ve tried to make things as competitive as possible and that’s never really helped resuscitate the game. Anyone who thinks this isn’t worth trying for a few months genuinely doesnt care about the game dying or not. 

My personal opinion, which it always has been, is to use everything available in CoD. As long as it has a counter, it’s difficult to obtain, or each team can use it, I think it should be in. That’s what makes CoD different from other games, but it ends up watered down everytime.

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Sniperbob420xX watched a competitive game and is confused as to why players aren’t running flamethrowers, shotguns, tommy guns or gas grenades, why there aren’t smokes on every map, etc etc so they just resort to the “pros can’t play the real game” and never watch again. 

But it’s cool, I’ll catch some heat for these tweets. In the end, we’ll end up with 5 maps, 2 MAYBE 3 guns and a sniper, and no variety on attachments/perk choices.cod is BaCkKkKkKk

Last tweet about itIf we HONESTLY want CoD to succeed, we need a dedicated developer making a competitive CoD that just gets an update every year but stays the same game. Add new maps, guns, attachments, perks, whatever to keep it fresh. Probably the only way to see big success.

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This is not the first time that Clayster has gone on social media to express his frustrations on the matter; he has, at times, been an outspoken critic of the marketing of the Call of Duty World League, claiming that not enough is being done to promote it to casual viewers.

While his ideas and points of argument are subject to personal opinion, it cannot be denied that rule-sets and gentlemen’s agreements often limit the competitive scene to a set meta of weapons, attachments, and perks, with no real variety.

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Despite the increasing prize pools over the past few years, many feel that the esport has plateaued in terms of popularity and viewership, especially during the Pro League and other major events.

It remains to be seen whether Clayster’s proposal will gain any traction within the CWL, and whether he will inspire any fundamental changes will be made to competitive CoD.