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CDL Champs stream “hack” reveals new Black Ops Cold War teaser

Published: 30/Aug/2020 22:33 Updated: 31/Aug/2020 10:46

by Theo Salaun


The Call of Duty League Championship stream was “hacked” with a video from a mysterious figure, leading the CoD community to a variety of new clues surrounding the upcoming Black Ops Cold War.

To unlock the Black Ops Cold War gameplay trailer, players needed to utilize clues in the Pawn Takes Pawn website coupled with hidden ones throughout Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk map. Following the CDL Champs “hack,” that website has returned with a variety of changes and the community’s easter egg hunters are already investigating.


The video ends by saying “it’s time to learn the truth. Pawn takes pawn,” which quickly led players back to the website. On said website, the homepage television set and VCR have been replaced with a retro computer, a locked safe, clock, and a document on the left side that leads you to some instructions.

Based on those instructions and the sticky note, players discovered that you can enter “Zork” into the computer to activate the terminal and begin discovering a set of easter eggs, whose ultimate reward is currently unknown. The game Zork is one of the earliest interactive fiction titles, which was first released during the Cold War.


As you make your way through the game, you unlock different achievements. First, you unlock “Opening Move” for joining, then “With Great Effort” for entering a house, “Night Vision” for lighting up a cellar or attic, “Easter Egg” for securing the “jeweled egg,” “Bat Repellent” for obtaining garlic, and “Dungeon Delver” for entering the “Great Underground Empire.” 

Upon completing all of those, you unlock “Zork Adventurer,” which asks you to provide your real-world mailing address to obtain “the next piece of the puzzle.” For a full guide to completing Zork, you can follow these instructions.

With those clues discovered, one of the website’s two pawns, shown near the keyboard, was toppled over. This follows the original easter egg hunt, which knocked down one of six pawns once each day’s clues were completed. Further, a note is shown on the site upon completion, which congratulates players and lets them know that there is “more to come.”

black ops cold war zork easter egg
The achievements unlocked by working through the ZORK game on PawnTakesPawn.
The note shown after you complete Pawn Takes Pawn’s ZORK game.

Now, players are wondering what the mailing addresses will be used for and if more clues will be revealed tomorrow as an opportunity for the community to knock the second pawn down too. The Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal is scheduled for September 9, so fans are speculating over what this hunt could lead to.

This article is being updated as more information becomes available.

Call of Duty

Best FOV settings for Black Ops Cold War Beta on PS4 & Xbox One

Published: 8/Oct/2020 20:18

by Tanner Pierce


Black Ops Cold War Beta players on consoles can finally change their field of view settings thanks to a welcome addition by Treyarch. Here’s everything you need to know about the new options, including what the best setting is.

Field of view options for consoles is something that fans have been asking for for a long time. Whenever a new CoD game releases, there’s always a section of PlayStation and Xbox players wondering why the option hasn’t been made available for them. It’s equally frustrating considering that the PC version of every iteration has had the options available on day one.


This is all changing with Black Ops Cold War, however, as Treyarch has confirmed that players on consoles will finally be able to adjust their field of view. For people unfamiliar with the options, this might be a bit confusing. Taking advantage of these settings, however, might end up helping your game.

What is field of view?

At its most basic form, field of view is how much of the game you see on your screen. A lower FOV means you’ll see less, while a higher field of view means you’ll see more.


While some people might immediately say that a high field of view is automatically better, it’s important to note that the higher the field of view, the more distorted your screen will look and the smaller objects will look at a distance.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to balance you’re field of view with what your comfortable looking at.

How do I adjust my FOV settings?

In the beta, finding the FOV slider is relatively simple but in case you don’t know, here’s a quick and simple guide to figure it out.

  1. In your Black Ops Cold War Beta application, press the buttons for “Settings”
  2. Tab over to the “Graphics” options
  3. Scroll down until you see “Field of View”
  4. Adjust the slider from left to right to set to your desired setting.
The Field of View can be can be adjusted in the game settings.

What’s the ideal field of view setting?

If you’ve never played with a modified field of view before, it might be best to take things slow. Working your way up will allow you to adjust to the higher FOV so that you’re not thrown into the deep in, so to speak.

In order to have a high FOV, while making sure that you can still see enemies, it’s recommended to keep your adjusted setting at 100. While you can certainly push it all the way up to 120, the former will allow you to experience the changes without it being too difficult to see things at a distance.