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CDL Challengers Cup #5 final placements: new champions crowned

Published: 1/Feb/2021 1:53 Updated: 1/Feb/2021 2:11

by Brad Norton


The fifth Challengers Cup is now in the books as brand new teams in NYSL Academy and RAMS claimed their first event wins of the Black Ops Cold War cycle, while Renegades took down Chiefs in one of the closest APAC finals yet.

  • WestR finished Top 16 for the first time in Black Ops Cold War as Slammed-xD ended their four-event winning streak.
  • NYSL Academy won in NA for the first time while RAMS won for the first time in EU.
  • APAC Grand Finals went the distance as Renegades narrowly edged out Chiefs in a grueling 10 map series.

Challengers Cup #5 Final Placements

Hundreds of amateur CoD teams lined up for an intense weekend of competition across NA, EU, and APAC. While a collective $6,500 was up for grabs this time around, Challengers Points were the main draw once again as players look to secure their spot in the upcoming Challengers Elite competition.

North America

Placement Team Prize
1st NYSL Academy $2,000
2nd uT Crew $500
3rd Team dGeneration
4th Slammed-xD
Top 6 Mocky Mocky
KC Pioneers
Top 8 HYXR
Built By Gamers


Placement Team Prize
1st RAMS $2,000
2nd Obtained Esports $500
3rd Team Singularity
4th Gangsterz
Top 6 Orgless
Connect 4
Top 8 House Tarth
Team eMpted

Asia Pacific

Placement Team Prize
1st Renegades $1,000
2nd Chiefs Esports Club $500
3rd Vertex Gaming
4th Libalent Vertex
Top 6 VOID
Next Up
Top 8 KALM

Challengers Cup #5 Results & Recap

The biggest storyline coming out of Challengers this week was WestR’s run finally coming to an end. After a four-event winning streak, the amateur lineup was turning heads, even the likes of OpTic Chicago began to hype them up. However, it was Slammed-xD who put a stop to their winning ways before ultimately finishing in fourth place. 


Meanwhile, the New York Subliners Academy squad locked in their spot in the NA Grand Finals against uT Crew. Ultimately, the Subliners claimed their first Challengers Cup, coming out on top with a 3-1 map count in the final series.

After four weeks of placing inside the Top 8, RAMS finally closed out their first Challengers Cup victory in the EU competition. They pushed through the winner’s bracket and eventually took down former champions Obtained Esports in a thrilling 10 map series.

Two of the top dogs in APAC continued to excel this week as Renegades and Chiefs once again made it to another Grand Final. This time, it was Chiefs that had the advantage coming through the winner’s bracket. However, Renegades fought back, winning two consecutive best of fives that both went the distance.