Call of Duty: Warzone exploit stops players from getting kills and loot

Activision / 343 Industries

Call of Duty: Warzone players have suggested Infinity Ward introduce post-match cooldowns for leaving games early, as a problem with getting credit for kills continues.

Infinity Ward’s venture into the battle royale realm has received heaps of praise since its release, earning its place as the fastest-growing non-mobile game of all-time. But players dropping into Verdansk can’t help but notice one major flaw.

Specifically, that flaw relates to kills – or lack thereof – due to an exploit that is continuing to ruin the experience, especially for those chasing those elusive Warzone world records.

Call of Duty: Warzone Operators.Activision
Who will be the first player to rack up 50 solo kills in Verdansk?

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Down but not out

The crux of the issue lies with the fact that players aren’t racking up any kills for players who leave immediately after being downed.

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And while Infinity Ward are releasing a fix for players who disconnect from a match and don’t drop any loot, there is nothing in the pipeline to mitigate the above issue.

Reddit user ‘Drexx_B’ vented their frustrations to the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit, where they submitted a call to arms with Activision to rectify the issue.

“Every time I knock someone, they leave the game before I finish them off, and I get no kill. This is annoying and Activision should do something about it,” the Redditor wrote.

Players in the Gulag in Warzone.Activision
There is currently no price to pay for players who leave prematurely.

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Should Infinity Ward introduce a leaving penalty?

In light of the community’s concerns regarding premature leavers, a cooldown period for leaving has been suggested by some.

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One user commented suggesting “They should penalize people who leave the game before they are fully dead and before all their teammates are dead.”

Various suggestions were made in terms of the length of the cooldown period, ranging from 10-30 minutes for early leavers.

Warzone’s battle royale counterpart, Apex Legends, has implemented a similar system to punish those who prematurely abandon matches in their ranked playlist, which also shares the same three-man squad system.

Leave penalty in Apex Legends.EA
Those who leave early or go AFK in Apex Legends will face a temporary ban from the ranked playlist.

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Of course, Infinity Ward would have plenty of hurdles to overcome to implement such a system in Warzone.

What would they qualify as ‘abandoning the match?’ Would it be pre or post-Gulag? Moreover, how would the developers differentiate between accidental disconnects and those who intentionally leave?

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