Call of Duty League returning to 4v4 format for 2021 season

Tanner Pierce

Just a day after Dallas Empire won the $1.5 million during the CDL Championships, Activision has already revealed a major change coming to the 2021 season: 4v4 teams are back.

On August 29-30, the Call of Duty League Championships were held and Dallas Empire thoroughly beat Atlanta FaZe during the Grand Final. At the end of the day, the competition wasn’t even close, with the former beating the latter 5-1.

During the Final, Activision began teasing new aspects of the competition. First, the stream got “hacked” by an unknown person in order to tease a new easter egg for Black Ops Cold War on the Pawn Takes Pawn website. Then, players got a look at some new subway stations coming to Warzone. It seems like, however, the teases and announcements aren’t anywhere close to being done.

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The Call of Duty League has officially confirmed that it will return to a 4-person team format during the 2021 season, in what’s been seen as a major shakeup to the competition.

Currently, teams consist of five players, so this news is going to completely change how teams are formed next year.

According to the League, the move was done in order to “return” to the competition’s “roots”. While it’s easy to see this move blindsiding the teams, Commissioner for CDL Johanna Faries wrote in a post that it was done “in close collaboration with the teams and players.”

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“We know that this transition also brings new implications for both pro and amateur players with rostermania season fast approaching,” she said.

While there’s currently no details about a schedule, the 2021 CDL season is set to start on September 14th and will see the transition over to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. All in all, it’ll be interesting to see how the current teams are split up for the next season. With each team losing a player, who knows what will happen.

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