Black Ops 4 Specialist revealed to be gay after CoD YouTuber explores comic book backstories

Albert Petrosyan

Is there a gay Specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? As it turns out, there may very well be, and this character has been a part of the Black Ops series for quite a while.

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There are currently 10 Specialists in Black Ops 4, all of whom have backstories full of memories and moments that shape their lives and determine how they became superhuman military assets.

These stories are told in the 10 comic books that CoD developers Treyarch published prior to the release of Black Ops 4, with there being one comic for each Specialist. 

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Going through these comics, CoD YouTuber ‘Drift0r’ came across information that points to one of the Specialist being gay, and it’s not one that most would guess.

Some may guess that it’s Battery, a female who, as Drift0r notes, has a manly attitude and tendencies and wears her hear short, or Spectre, about whom there is very little information in terms of actual identity, gender, sexual preference, or really anything outside of its great appetite for killing. 

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However, it turns out that the gay Specialist is neither Battery nor Spectre and is actually Prophet, the black character named David Wilkes who received heavy cybernetic augmentations in order to turn into a cyborg.

The official comic book about Prophet reveals that he had a friend who may have been his boyfriend prior to him joining the military and becoming part man and part machine. 

The comic shows Prophet returning to his “old friend” Sam and asking for his assistance, which ultimately leads them to battle against the mechanical robot Reaper, another Specialist from the Black Ops lore.

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During the battle, Reaper mortally wounds Sam and the ensuing scenes show he and Prophet sharing some intimate moments which strongly hints at the true nature of their relationship.

While the scenes do not directly and explicitly confirm that the characters had a relationship that went beyond friendship, Drift0r made it clear in his video that he “did my homework” to confirm that they’re gay, stating that it’s “not just my speculation.”

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Interestingly enough, Prophet has been an established part of the Black Ops lore since Black Ops 3, which was released over three years ago. This means that Treyarch has had a gay character in their games for a while now, despite not receiving any attention or credit for it.

This is important to note because Soldier: 76, a prominent character in Overwatch, was also recently revealed to be gay, which caused a lot of fanfare and discussion among Overwatch fans and members of the online gaming community in general. 

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You can watch Drift0r’s video about Prophet’s sexuality in its entirety below. The full comic book about Prophet is available for free on the Call of Duty website, which you can view by clicking HERE.

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