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Black Ops 4 CoD Caster Mode Footage Leaked From Fan Expo

Published: 1/Sep/2018 18:11 Updated: 2/Sep/2018 19:48

by Calum Patterson


First footage of the new ‘CoD Caster’ perspective in Black Ops 4 has been leaked online via a video from a Fan Expo in Canada, where players can get hands on with the upcoming game.

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CoD Caster is the perspective used to observe matches, used extensively for Call of Duty esports and the Call of Duty World League.

This gives the perspective to viewers, showing the scores and ratios of all players involved in a match. Of biggest note, is that the perspective seems to suggest a 5v5 design, with the player’s names and specialists etc. fitting in perfectly on the screen.


Video courtesy of @DOMINATORxMYQx.

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Whether Black Ops 4 goes 5v5 for competitive play or not is still unknown, and most players and fans were leaning towards 4v4, especially considering how close it now is to release, on October 12.

However, this leaked CoD Caster view certainly hints strongly towards 5v5, given its precise layout.

It must be taken with some scepticism though, because the game mode being played is Kill Confirmed, which of course is not a competitive mode.

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The screen layout, with the five players on either team, could also just have one player less showing for competitive, while public match spectating has five per team.


The only slight point of confusion, is that Black Ops 4 did feature ‘chaos’ playlists in the beta, and these modes were 6v6. It is unclear how this CoD Caster layout would be adjusted, if at all, for a 6v6 match.