Black Ops 4 Blackout free trial is now live on all platforms – Full info

Bill Cooney

Blackout, Call of Duty’s popular new battle royale mode, will be available to play free of charge for one week, starting on January 17.

While there has been talk of making Blackout free to play for quite some time, it seemed like the best that fans were going to get was the Black Ops 4: Battle Edition that features the Multiplayer and Blackout modes as a standalone package.

That all change on January 15, however, as Call of Duty announced a special limited-time free trial for the popular battle royale title.

For the first time since the closed beta, Blackout will be free for players on all platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC) from January 17 to 24.

The move comes at a perfect time as Treyarch just dropped the v1.11 update on January 15 that brings some huge changes to the mode.

Players on console will get to experience the new and improved looting interface while everyone will get to play the game without having to worry as much about Concussion Grenades after their stack count was reduced to 1.

It’s also likely that the limit-time modes that Treyarch teased on January 11 will also go live with this new free trial, giving everyone the chance to try out the new modes.

With this being the first major promotion for Blackout since Black Ops 4’s release on October 12, you can bet that there will be plenty of action to drop into come January 17.

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