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Bizarre Modern Warfare bug spawns Scrapyard players in ridiculous places

Published: 12/Jun/2020 0:25

by Alan Bernal


Modern Warfare Season 4 brought another fan-favorite map, Scrapyard, to the latest iteration of the legendary series, but some players can run into a slight problem with its spawn locations.

There’s been a few problems with spawns on reintegrated maps of the Call of Duty franchise. For example, Shipment was a map that many nostalgic fans were eager to explore, before being met with frustrating matches, unable to respawn without being in spots where they were immediately killed.

It got to the point where even CDL pros were expressing their discontent at the state of the game, and it’s been trial-and-error from Infinity Ward ever since to achieve a worthwhile fix.

Now, Redditor ‘PerrysReddit’ has found that the problem extends further than the reaches of the playable area of Modern Warfare’s new map, as it spawned them on a restricted part of Scrapyard without a chance to get back in.

The C point on Scrapyard is located on the north-west quadrant of the map, but it seems like there’s an errant spawn point that can revive players just outside of the battlefield.

Infinity Ward via PerrysReddit
The bug left the player outside of the Scrapyard bounds with a countdown to their doom.

After going down, since PerrysReddit’s team only had control of C at the time, they were naturally going to re-enter the game from that direction.

Only problem was that the spawn took them a bit too far from the intended location, resulting in the player frantically trying to find their way back into Scrapyard.

They hardly had anytime to react since the five-second timer demanding them to “return to [the] combat area” had started before they could even pull out their gun.

At least the spawns on Shipment are inside the map… from modernwarfare

This is something that more people are coming across in their first matches on the Season 4 map.

“It’s honestly possible that this map is just a quick edit of Boneyard and that spawn could’ve been a leftover spawn placement from Ground War,” user ‘FaultedPlace’ said. “I’ve tried to spawn on B and C plenty of times on that map only to actually spawn outside of the Scrapyard area.”

There’s going to be plenty of people loading into the new season of Modern Warfare, and Infinity Ward could issue a quick patch update to rectify the problem.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty League bans tactical rifles & adjusts 2021 map pool

Published: 7/Jan/2021 22:33

by Theo Salaun


In anticipation of the upcoming Call of Duty League season, the CDL have adjusted their gun bans and map pools by banning tactical rifles and adding Raid to numerous modes.

Competitive Call of Duty fans have been anxiously awaiting news about the CDL’s upcoming season following months of offseason uncertainty. With rosters approaching finality and the league expected to start sometime in early 2021, it appears that the competitive ruleset is getting ironed out.

In a January 7 update to the Competitive Settings V1.1 page, the league has replaced three maps across Hardpoint, Search & Destroy and Control. Separately, they have decided to ban all four of BOCW’s tactical rifles from competitive play (the Type 63, M16, AUG and DMR 14).

These changes should bring the game closer to the level of competition that fans and pros alike have been hoping for. Deactivating what many consider to be overpowered tactical rifles (like the M16 in particular) while replacing maps with the newly added Raid are two strong adjustments.

Black Ops 2 Raid gameplay
The BO2 classic, Raid, is back in CoD and back in the pro scene.

As explained on the Competitive Settings section of the CDL website, Raid is finally being officially added to Hardpoint, SND and Control. This is delightful news to competitors and their followers, as the iconic map introduced in Black Ops II has become an instant favorite following its Cold War debut on December 16, 2020.

CDL Competitive Settings Changes

Maps & Modes

  • Hardpoint: Removed Cartel, added Raid
  • Search & Destroy: Removed Crossroads, added Raid
  • Control: Removed Moscow, added Raid

Weapon Restrictions

  • Added all tactical rifles (Type 63, M16, AUG, DMR 14) to the banned list

While subject to change as the season approaches, these adjustments leave us with five Hardpoint maps, five SND maps and three Control maps.

As for weapons, pros are now restricted to assault rifles, submachine guns and sniper rifles for their primary weapons — following in the footsteps of the inaugural season’s Modern Warfare ruleset.

M16 Black Ops Cold War
The M16 kills people quickly, but won’t be doing so in the CDL.

When BOCW officially released on November 13, fans and players in the competitive scene were immediately concerned with the power of the M16 and with the size of maps. For weeks now, scrims haven’t featured any tactical rifles and have limited playtime on the two largest maps: Miami and Moscow.

With these changes, Miami continues to be limited solely to SND and Moscow is now only present on two modes: Hardpoint and SND. Instead, the presence of Raid on all three modes confirms that there will be a balanced, medium-sized map that pros are already very familiar with. As we approach the season, we’ll continue to monitor ruleset changes while updating fans here and on DexertoIntel.