Best JAK-12 Warzone loadout to get overpowered range on new shotgun

Activision / Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward has just added the JAK-12 shotgun to Modern Warfare’s ever-growing weapon roster, based heavily on the AA-12 from MW2. The newly released gun is already wreaking havoc across Verdansk with insane range. Here’s how you can utilize this overpowered shotgun with our loadout guide. 

The AA-12 dominated players back in Modern Warfare 2, so it makes sense that this iconic shotgun is making such a splash in Warzone. While many fans were pleased to see the Origin 12 nerfed at the start of Season 6, it now looks like the JAK-12 has taken its place. Not only does this deadly shotgun absolutely shred opponents in close-quarters fights, but it can also melt your foes at range when kitted out with the right attachments. 

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For now, it looks like the Warzone players will have to contend with another broken shotgun dominating the current meta. However, if you wish to cash in on the action and get some easy kills before the Activision nerfs hit, then be sure to use this JAK-12 loadout to get that competitive edge. 

Best JAK-12 Warzone loadout

JAK-12 Warzone loadoutActivision / Infinity Ward
This long-range explosive JAK-12 loadout will make short work of even the hardiest of enemies.
  • ZLR J-3600 TORRENT
  • 5mW Laser
  • Merc Foregrip 
  • 8 Round FRAG-12 MAGS

IceManIsaac’s JAK-12 loadout is all about maxing out the shotgun’s range, allowing you to take out squads in close to mid-range firefights. In fact, this gun is capable of rivaling some of the game’s most potent assault rifles.

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While IceMan’s build features a red dot sight, we found the gun’s standard iron sights are clean enough to easily spot targets. Of course, you can always run a sight should you wish to add a little more ranged precision to your build. 

Both the FORGE TAC MARAUDER and ZLR J-3600 TORRENT tighten the pellet spread and drastically enhance your damage range. As a result, these two attachments are a must for those looking to effortlessly snipe their targets with deadly explosive rounds. 

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Meanwhile, the 5mW Laser helps with mobility and hip-fire accuracy, allowing you to remain competitive in those close-quarter situations. In order to speed up the ADS time and further reduce recoil, IceManIsaac has slapped on a Merc Foregrip. This helps to speed up target acquisition, giving you plenty of opportunities to barrage your foes with game-winning explosive pellets. 

Rounding things off are the 8 Round FRAG-12 MAGS. These explosives rounds are arguably the JAK-12’s most exciting feature. While the 8-R Dragon Breath Rounds absolutely melt people in more intimate engagements, the frag rounds really take the crown for the amount of damage they dish out. In fact, IceMan demonstrated just how absurd they are when he took down an armored player in just four hits. 

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If this loadout’s incredible damage profile wasn’t enough, the 8 Round FRAG-12 MAGS allow you to completely bypass the game’s trophy systems. Not only can you snipe players across the map, but you can effortlessly clear out pesky campers, and even destroy vehicles in record time. It’s certainly not hard to see why the JAK-12 has both competitive and casual Warzone players worried, so make sure you capitalize on this OP loadout before Activision takes action. 

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