“Beautiful” C4 Drone squad wipe gets Warzone dev’s seal of approval

Alan Bernal

An incredible team wipe in Call of Duty: Warzone showed how dangerous a ‘C4 drone’ can be, and the execution was enough to impress an Infinity Ward dev.

By combining the hovering hitbox of a Recon Drone and an explosive charge of a C4, players can create a makeshift C4 Drone that lets them fly around with a bomb strapped to the device. The strat takes a steady hand to not only sneak up on a team, but get close enough to do damage.

If the outplay wasn’t enough to impress the fans, user ‘arhayden’ gave the clip a bit of flair by putting it to the tune of Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, a timeless classic for both fans of pop and perfectly timed memes.

The drone play provided a tense Warzone moment.

In the early phase of a Warzone match, the four-member team found themselves at the Airport near other teams. That’s when they hatched a plan to send the flying drone with an explosive ordinance at a squad up ahead.

That’s when the ‘Fran Cam’ revealed all four players of the other team getting into a jeep – a perfect opportunity to send the whole team to the Gulag.

But the chance was slowly slipping away from the player’s hand as the vehicle started to move away, starting one of the most one-dimensional chases seen in the game so far.

There were a few times when the player got close just for the jeep to skirt away with the drone’s handler being heard anxiously saying: “I’m so close! Oh my God!”

That is until the opponent made the costly mistake of hitting the breaks for a moment, giving Fran the greenlight to send erratic calls for Aaron, the player with the C4 switch, to ignite the drone and jeep.

The sequence got the attention of Infinity Ward Studio Art Director Joel ‘ArtPeasant’ Emslie who complimented the “beautiful squad wipe” which left an unsuspecting team entirely decimated.

For players thinking they can replicate the strat, all it takes is some communication and good timing with the C4 Drone to ruin a Warzone team’s day.

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