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Aimbots have been spotted in Black Ops 4 on PC

Published: 18/Oct/2018 17:25 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 17:41

by Wyatt Donigan


Despite having been out for less than a week, hackers have already found a way to install aimbots in the PC version of Black Ops 4.

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Players using programs to gain an unfair advantage is a cause of concern for almost every game these days, with PC games typically seeing more hackers than on console.

It looks as though Black Ops 4 isn’t immune from this, as one unlucky Reddit user has discovered.

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In a video posted to the Black Ops 4 subreddit, Reddit user ‘TheWetDolphin’ shows how one player utilized an aimbot to rack up a large number of improbable kills.


Lasting just 20 seconds, the player in question, who goes by ‘ViciouZ,’ racks up six kills with godlike precision. Every time ViciouZ turns a corner, his sights snap towards player after player, seemingly never missing a shot.

Found an aimbotter on PC 🙁 from r/Blackops4

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While there’s certainly no shame in being able to secure many headshots, as players like Shroud and Ninja tend to do on a regular basis, where things get questionable here is the manner in which his aim is automatically pulled towards each players head.

Even when he’s aiming from long distances, around narrow corners or even looking at the ground, ViciouZ manages to snap to his enemies and pick up headshots with an ease that’s only possible with the help of an aimbot.


Treyarch replied to the thread on Reddit, saying they “take anti-cheat very seriously” and despite working closely with Blizzard’s security team, Treyarch admits that stopping cheaters is an “ongoing process” as they try and reign in the hackers.


Players who experience any suspicious instances such as the one above are encouraged to utilize the in-game reporting function to notify Treyarch of possible cheating.