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Absurd Modern Warfare exploit makes it easy to get Tactical Nukes

Published: 18/Feb/2020 22:13

by Alan Bernal


An exploit in Modern Warfare is giving players an easy way to farm Tactical Nukes without the help of a bug or cheat.

People have been encountering instances of JOKR missiles raining down from the sky on Zhokov Boneyard, leading up to a game-ending Nuke moments later.

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber ‘JGOD’ made a guide on how to set up your class Ground War “to get the easiest Tactical Nuke Possible, regardless of skill level.” Though it’s unknown who initially found the exploit, players have been adopting the tactic to unlock the Mighty Mushroom calling card.

Burner2K0 via Reddit
The JOKR exploit is lighting up the skies in Modern Warfare.

Some CoD players are setting up their loadouts with the JOKR launcher as well as equipping perks like Ghost, Cold Blooded, and Amped.


According to JGOD, the easiest way to make use of the class setup is by taking it on Boneyard, and making sure to stay near the “side of the map that has the ‘E’ flag.”

After that, it’s a simple matter of locking onto “silo drums” on the other side of the map to get off a long-range missile, using the crate nearby to refill your ammo.

The YouTuber was able to quickly get to the 25 kill mark to unlock the Tactical Nuke, even though he was in a game that was “already halfway over.”

JGOD said that a crucial part of the exploit is to make sure your team isn’t capping the wrong points, since capturing C could mess up the spawns and the missiles wouldn’t hit anyone.


Separate videos show how quickly the sky can light up with artillery fire. Reddit user ‘Burner2K0’’s gameplay footage shows what looks to be at least three players using the exploit.

These Javelin Junkies got a nuke sitting in spawn. from modernwarfare

At one point in the clip, seven missiles were on their way up to the apex of their trajectory, and the player had no way to counter it without entering the restricted area.

While the method is getting more popular to get the Nuke, there are some people who are using it to help complete the challenges on their way to coveted Damascus camo.

In either case, the trick has proven to be incredibly effective, so much so that Infinity Ward might look into patching the overpowered launcher very soon.