What is Reinforce? Tips for Modern Warfare’s newest game mode

Connor Bennett
Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward have confirmed that the Reinforce game mode will be arriving in Modern Warfare thanks to their weekly updates, but how do you actually play the newest Call of Duty game type? Here are some tips.

Ever since the newest installment to the Modern Warfare series released back in October, the developers have been keeping the game fresh with new content in the form of different game modes, playlists, and missions in their weekly updates.

In their February 17 blog post, the developers confirmed that they’ll be adding Reinforce as a multiplayer mode while also giving out a few more details about how the game type will work in Modern Warfare. So, let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward have been keeping Modern Warfare fresh with continuous updates.

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Anyone who has played CoD: Ghosts or Infinite Warfare will already be familiar with Reinforce. The mode combines the flag capture aspect of Domination with a similar lives system to both Search and Destroy and Cyber Attack. 

In order to win, you have to either completely dominate your opponents by capturing all three flags at once, have the most flags when the round timer ends, or eliminate all of your opponents in that round.

Sounds easy enough? Well, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s similar to Cyber Attack in the fashion that you can respawn downed teammates by capturing a new flag so you can never be too comfortable in thinking you have the numbers advantage. 

Tips for Modern Warfare’s Reinforce game mode

Infinity Ward
Reinforce will be played as a night-vision mode in Modern Warfare.

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In Modern Warfare, the game mode will take place under the cover of darkness in a night vision mode. Now, this means that you’ll have to be on high alert at all times, as well as taking it slower than normal.

Some great tips for winning in the night vision variant will involve you being a team player. Capture your home flag – be it A or C – and then break off in a pack rather than being a lone wolf. Sticking with at least one other teammate should mean that you’re able to trade kills or quickly catch the enemy off guard. This can easily give you an elimination win quicker than dominating all three flags. 

If you find yourself being in a sticky situation with the numbers against you, don’t try to be the hero. Capture a fresh flag and get some support. If you’re doing this, you should be using tactical grenades to create space so that teammates get a clean respawn rather being dropped right into the fight.

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Of course, everyone will have their different play styles in mind, but the keys to victory in a night vision game mode like Reinforce is all about teamwork.

So, best of luck on the battlefield and hopefully you will be able to grab some wins when the time comes.