Smixie & Scummn win $15K Warzone Cracked Creator event: Final results

Brad Norton
Activision / BoomTV / Team Summertime

Team Summertime and BoomTV returned with the first Cracked Creator Series of 2022 and while Smixie & Scummn closed out the big win in Warzone Season 1, we’ve got you covered with a full breakdown of how it all played out.

  • Smixie & Scummn take out $10,000 in first place
  • First Cracked Creator Series event of 2022.
  • 1 streamer & 1 Warzone pro per team.

Warzone competitions are back in full force with 2022 now underway. Following on from $45,000 worth of tournaments in the first weeks of January, the stakes were raised further by the return of the Cracked Creator Series.

Top Warzone talent dropped into the $15,000 competition and we’ve got the full recap below so you can catch up on all the action.

$15K Warzone Cracked Creator: Final Placements

Placement Duo Prize
1st Smixie & Scummn $10,000
2nd BobbyPoff & Fifakill $4,000
3rd Swagg & SuperEvan $1,000
4th Dirty & Destroy
Top 6 Futives & Blazt
Sebas & Jukeyz
Top 8 BlakeCissel & Tommey
LEGIQN & UnRationaL

$15K Warzone Cracked Creator: Results & Recap

As one of the first major Warzone events of the year, pros and streamers alike jumped into TST’s latest Cracked Creator tourney. There was nothing but good vibes from those behind the camera 16 Duos battled through a stacked double-elim bracket.

For some, it was a quick run through Caldera as certain teams like Diesel & Rated failed to find even a single map win. Big names like DrDisrespect along with TST’s very own Blake and Jorge all found themselves out of the running early on.

Meanwhile, it was veteran competitors in BobbyPoff & Fifakill alongside Smixie & Scummn that pushed all the way through to the grand finals.

A lopsided clash at the end of the day saw the latter duo winning four maps in a row to reset the bracket and take out the top spot.

$15K Warzone Cracked Creator: Streams & Schedule

The $15K Warzone Cracked Creator event was streamed directly on OpTic Hitch’s channel with Team Summertime keeping on top of the action as usual.

Round 1 matchups got underway on Monday, January 24 at 12PM PT | 3PM ET and wrapped up roughly nine hours later.

$15K Warzone Cracked Creator: Format

The Cracked Creator Series has always been a little different from the standard Warzone event. Unique Duos are forced together as content creators and competitive players are paired up.

Even with that in mind, we still saw plenty of familiar teams as the likes of Doc & ZLaner and Smixie & Scummn queued up together again.

Rebirth IslandActivision
Although Rebirth Island has become the go-to for Warzone tourneys early in 2022, this event took place in Caldera.

Despite Caldera’s numerous issues, as many pros favor Rebirth Island instead, the latest Cracked Creators tourney still took place on the newest Warzone map. A few key restrictions were locked in before teams loaded up, however.

Planes were outright banned for those in the event and a range of current exploits were also blocked for competing players.

$15K Warzone Cracked Creator: Teams & Players

Each team in the $15K Cracked Creator event features on popular streamer next to one experienced pro.

Exact duos weren’t locked in until the morning of, but we’ve got the full list below so you can brush up on every team in the running.

DrDisrespect & ZLaner LEGIQN & UnRationaL Jorge & Exzachtt Sebas & Jukeyz
Holly & newbz Smixie & Scummn Diesel & Rated Testyment & itzwarsz
Swagg & SuperEvan Bloo & JoeWo Dirty & Destroy Futives & Blazt
BlakeCissel & Tommey Swishem & Almond BobbyPoff & Fifakill Queenshadows & Aydan