No.1 Modern Warfare 2 Ranked player responds after shock ban

CDL operators in Modern Warfare 2 ranked mode are just one of the incoming rewards.Activision

Activision unexpectedly stripped FalconExnid of his number one ranking in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play, devastating the CoD pro player.

Competitive CoD community members praised Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play, but persistent hacking plagued lobbies. The issue became so rampant that some CDL pros abandoned the playlist altogether.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, LA Thieves star Zack ‘Drazah‘ Jordan argued that it only seemed more noticeable during the game mode’s first week. “It has gotten a lot less, and they have done a good job, at least of the higher ranked games,” he said.

It appears the developers have been more active in taking action, banning the game mode’s top-ranked player.

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Number one Modern Warfare 2 Ranked player denies cheating

modern warfare 2 operator in ranked playActivision
Ranked Play is extremely popular in Modern Warfare 2.

On March 17, Activision banned FalconExnid from Modern Warfare 2, and he pleaded with the developers to be unbanned.

FalconExnid is a Call of Duty player under the Saudi Arabian esports organization Team Falcons.

“Today in my stream, I got shadowbanned. I streamed this mod from day one. You can check my streams at twitch ‘Exnid.’ I hope that you take off my shadow ban as soon as possible.”

The screenshot states that the ban is not eligible for appeal, and the developers did not provide a timetable for the review process.

Falcons Esport supports Exnid

On March 21, Falcons Esport released an official statement regarding the suspension.

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“Our player who is ranked #1 on the season and who has been tirelessly streaming his entire journey on Twitch, has been falsely reported by other players due to his strong performances, resulting in the shadow ban.”

The esports organization added, “we remain committed to supporting Exnid through this difficult time and hopeful that Activision will take appropriate action to rectify the situation.”

We will provide an update once Activision makes a ruling in the case against Exnid.