Conor Benn lifts lid on Gervonta Davis fight talks as Oscar De La Hoya raises concerns

Liam Corless
Benn is eyeing a fight with DavisDAZN

Conor Benn claims a ‘serious offer’ has been made to Gervonta Davis as social media trash talk between the pair continues.

Benn recorded an unconvincing points victory over Peter Dobson in Las Vegas earlier this month and talk of a follow-up bout with Davis has gathered pace in recent days.

Eddie Hearn has sent an official offer to Davis and Benn claims it would see ‘Tank’ earn between $10million and $15million depending on sales.

‘Let’s see if he’s all talk’

“I know a serious offer’s been made, let’s see if he’s all talk,” Benn said. “The talking’s done. Don’t pipe up and start running your mouth on Twitter and then not sign the contract.

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“If I’m easy work then no problem, sign the contract. Do I think that fight gets made? Listen, I’ll agree to fight anyone.

“If $10million, $11million, $12million, $13million, $14million, $15million ain’t enough, then stay quiet, stay at your house with your little tag on your ankle.

“It’s cool, run your mouth on Twitter, I’m not really that guy for social media and all that. But if you want to run your mouth then I’ll fight you no problem.

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“You’re telling me $10million to $15million ain’t enough to fight me? If that ain’t enough, then keep doing what you’re doing.”

Meanwhile, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya raised concerns over the natural weight difference between the two fighters, with the pair separated by two weight classes.

De La Hoya said: “Isn’t Conor Benn [up at] 147lbs and fought at 154lbs? And Gervonta is 135/140lbs? Guys, there are weight-classes for a reason. Look, Gervonta Davis is the better fighter, he is the better fighter but Conor Benn is good too.

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“When you have a bigger good guy against a littler good guy, the bigger guy is always going to win, it is in the history of the sport.

“I don’t know how talented Conor Benn is, I haven’t paid too much attention to him, all I kept hearing is that his punching power is gone for some reason.”

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